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InnocentMINDS is Africa’s fast rising and emerging personal development, growth and education resource hub. We use several channels including cutting-edge approaches in education and training, public speaking, radio, television and social media platforms to inspire the African community towards positive change and wholesome transformation.

What We Offer

NLP Practitioner Certification

With The InnocentMinds/IMI Consulting Team, learn cutting-edge technologies to empower yourself and others in behavioural change (NLP Basic Results Certification Course)

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

With The InnocentMinds/IMI Consulting Team, empower yourself and others to produce extra-ordinary results. Rapidly getting to the root of performance issues (NLP Masters Practitioner Certification)

Platform Skills (Presentation and Comms)

With The InnocentMinds/IMI Consulting Team, learn cutting-edge skills for presenting and communicating with impact.

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What People are Saying!

I sought to know about NLP and didn’t find much because I guessed that those who had encountered it found it empowering and didn’t want to share the secrets. This exposure with InnocentMINDS Training validated a lot of my thinking and mindset especially around making a difference in Education in Nigeria.

RonkePosh Adeniyi

Educationist School Owner

Prior to my NLP training with Innocent Usar and Innocentminds, I knew I could do more but somehow somethings kept holding me down. Limiting beliefs and
self doubt was what my NLP knowledge translated them
to be. I was self sabotaging me constantly!

Abiola Abdulrasheed Owodunni

Entrepreneur, School Proprietress, Wife and Mother .Abuja, Nigeria

Above all, a very inspiring, thought-provoking and a truly interesting journey of self-discovery.

Mrs Victoria Ajayi

Accoun ng and Finance TVC/Radio Continental

I can boldly say that the past year as a student at
InnocentMINDS Training and Consulting, learning to apply the Epic Outcomes Matrix (EOM) and their unique
approach to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been the single most transformational experience for me over the past 12 months.

Victor Ekpo Bassey

CEO, Primedia Communications Ltd Founder, Expert Business School

Prior to Attending The #NLP Training with #InnocentMINDS My liberality was handicapped and I believed and related to only one worldview

As a result, I have expanded the territories of my mind accessing fresh capacity for possibilities and I have identified certain limiting patterns through which through some of the exercises.

I am on a journey to deal with limiting believes and always be at cause.

Tomide Olukuade

Pastor and Media Consultant

InnocentMINDS made 2018 a transformational year for me. I have
always wished to be a Master of life, to be able to approach life
issues with confidence and a set of tools that guarantee specific results.

What I have heard within me through my experiences so far have
been ”Uche go for it, you can do much more – STRETCH.” So, I am
stretching on all frontiers. I have had a major mindset shift and I am more trusting
and confident now.

Uchechukwu Ogoma Mojekwu

Chief Executive Makarios Global Services Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Since my journey began with Innocent minds, I have had the courage to leave my job and begin my life chasing my
dreams as an entrepreneur. I have learnt to love my
children. It sounds weird to learn how to love one’s children as a mother but it’s one of the many things I am
grateful for. I love them as much as I am learning to love and forgive myself. Each day is a new chapter. I am learning to write it more accurately with the mindset tools I have been taught and with the help of Mr Innocent Usar and his
team at innocentMINDS

Omotayo Henry

Lagos, Nigeria

My NLP training experiences with them answered the many questions I had and also taught me practical tools
which I now use to help people and organizations make remarkable changes in shorter time. It has been one of the best investments I have made in personal development. I greatly recommend

Bankole Williams

Management Consultant, Peak Performance Expert, Author, Speaker, Therapist and Entrepreneur

PUSH Boundaries and Limitations to Achieve Better Results and Peak Performance!

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