Crafting a Compelling Year and the Future that Guarantees Happiness, Fulfilment and Purpose.

  • Are you tired of doing the same things and getting the same results while instead meaning to start afresh with greater impact?
  • Are you desirous of creating the life and happiness you truly want with the tools and resources God has already given you?
  • Is there more inside of you calling for expression and liberation?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are destined and capable of being, doing, having and creating more?
  • Are you tired of ”waiting on God,” while God is instead, waiting on you?

  • What if the biggest SEED you can sow for massive success in year 2022 and beyond is taking responsibility for your success and creating the future you want with your God-given gifts, strength and mind?
  • Are you aware that God has ALREADY BLESSED YOU and wants you to WAKE UP and walk in the reality of His blessings?
  • Have you joined the growing army of people who now know that it is ”your responsibility to deploy strategies and walk in the reality of God's blessing(s)” upon your life, work, business, relationships and career with the wisdom you receive in prayer and beyond?
  • Do you want to be stable and strong enough to make progress despite any global disruption or losses that may emerge in your life, career and relationships?
  • Do you want to get help in creating easily, the compelling vision and outcomes for year 2022 and the life ahead of you using the set of tools we have used successfully with renowned entrepreneurs, successful parents, published authors, top and emerging leaders from all walks of life as well as high net-worth individuals?


Learn how to Remodel your Year and the Decade ahead. Set Goals that Guarantees your Success and Live your Best Life in Congruence with Your Values.

During this exciting 3 day (12 - hour) workshop where I will practically walk you through imagining your future and creating epic outcomes to guide you as I personally hold your hands and guide you in accelerating your results in a fun, step-by-step-process...

You Will Learn How to Imagine and Define a Clear and Compelling Future and Then...

  • Unleash Your Potential - Learn how to release the limitations that are holding you back and unlock your ability to achieve every and any goal automatically.
  • Clarify and elicit your values, mission and goals and get a deep insight into what you want and what your best life actually looks like as you fulfill and honour your innermost desires and pursuits.
  • Create a blueprint for making your most ambitious dreams a reality.
  • Take inspired action and rapidly overcome any obstacle(s) that lies in the way of you achieving your goals.
  • Move beyond your comfort zone and understand what's really possible for you.
  • Develop an unstoppable mindset that empowers you to take bigger action towards your dreams
  • Learn how to manifest the people and resources that you need to achieve any goal you can imagine.
  • Create unshakable confidence in your ability to achieve any goal at all.
  • Uncover the lies that stop you from achieving high levels of success
  • The #1 thing you need to understand in order for you to stay motivated and perform at high levels.

I could very easily sell this for 420,000 ($400) and it would still be an Amazing Bargain. But in the spirit of the new year and my Commitment to contribute to Your Growth and Success...


If you Take Action and Invest in this Lifechanging Program Today, I'll also throw in the following Amazing BONUSES:

  • 10 titles in my Wealth & Success Vault collection - The total worth of these is 20,000
  • A 3 - day Virtual Architecture of Creation Coaching program designed to help you implement the framework. Normally this would be priced at 1,800,000 but you get it FREE for investing in this package.
  • A 2 - day detailed video program that is valued at an additional 600,000
  • One front row seat ticket to our Live 2 - day training program: Pushing Boundaries, Valued at 180,000

Total worth = ₦2,600,000

But for a Limited time only, You can get a Lifetime Access to the...

Here’s what people are saying about Innocent Usar and his Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Training.

Bankole Williams

Management Consultant, Peak Performance Expert, Author, Speaker, Therapist and Entrepreneur.

My NLP training experiences with InnocentMINDS answered the many questions I had and also taught me practical tools which I now use to help people and organizations make remarkable changes in shorter time.

It has been one of the best investments I've made in Personal development. I greatly recommend InnocentMINDS.

Uchechukwu Ogoma Mojekwu

Chief Executive Makarios Global Services Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

InnocentMINDS made 2018 a transformational year for me. I have always wished to be a master of life, to be able to approach life issues with confidence and a set of tools that guarantee specific results.

What I have heard within me through my experiences so far is "Uche go for it, you can do much more - STRETCH". So, I am stretching on all frontiers. I have had a major mindset shift and I am more trusting and confident now.

Ronkeposh Adeniyi

Educationist School Owner.

I sought to know about NLP but didn't find much because I guessed that those who had encountered it found it empowering and didn't want to share the secrets.

This exposure with InnocentMINDS Training validated a lot of my thinking and mindset especially around making a difference in Education in Nigeria.

Innocent Usar

CEO of InnocentMINDS and Creator of the Epic Outcomes Matrix (EOM)

About the Author

Innocent Usar is a Lifestyle Coach and the Creator of The Epic Outcomes Matrix.

His Responsibility as a Lifestyle Coach is to move People (with their co-operation) from where they are, to where they want to be, where they are Joyful and where they are totally Fulfilled.

At InnocentMINDS, he helps Individuals, Organizations and Government agencies with those particular skills, attitudes and mindset they need to turn their boldest visions and intentions into results.

Mr. Usar (as he is popularly known), achieves this using the cutting edge tools of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) and his own Proprietary process: The Epic Outcomes Matrix (EOM).

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