NLP Master

In the Master Practitioner Certification training, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of the methodology and tools of NLP and be able to master the skills and patterns that were taught at the Practitioner training. The course is designed to teach participants how to master and develop elegant competency at using many of the NLP tools. This Mastery includes attaining a deeper understanding of the methodology beneath the skills and patterns taught in the NLP Practitioner class.
This is the second step on your NLP Journey and the NLP Practitioner class is a prerequisite for this course.
The master practitioner Certification training is essential for anyone wanting to do high-level coaching or business performance consulting. It goes deeper into uncovering the personal Values, Attitudes, Meta Programs and other Internal Filters that determine exactly what people get in life. It is about changing the very basis of personality to make positive and permanent change. It applies the full sets of tools equally to business, corporations and individuals.

It is about challenging yourself to explore new possibilities and taking steps into reaching your potential. It is about mastering the elements and applications of the NLP tools and becoming a Master Practitioner.


The ability to identify and utilise the Master Practitioner skills, techniques, and patterns linguistically, as follows...

  • Changing Beliefs

    the ability to combine skills to alter the way that clients / colleagues perceive challenges, to remove negative conceptions and to enable clients / colleagues to adopt beliefs that will enable them to reach their desired outcomes.

  • Identification of and Utilization of Criteria

    the ability to identify how a person prioritises their interactions with the world.

  • Adjusting Criteria

    how to help a person find a better means of prioritisation.

  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns

    the ability to embed commands, reframe perceptions and make changes in consciousness conversationally.

  • Deliberate multilevel communication

    how to deliver messages consciously and unconsciously, simultaneously.

  • Stacking Realities

    building metaphors and stories within metaphors to resist conscious resistance and make a message stronger.

  • Time stream Patterns

    using perceptions of time to bring about change in goals, negative emotions and limiting decisions.

  • Stacking Presuppositions

    building on one asserted premise to lead a line of thought and perception towards a desired outcome.

  • Advanced Hypnosis

    Neurological and precision Repatterning to make irreversible changes happen at the deep, unconscious levels

  • Temporal/Spatial Predicates

    how specific predicates can affect thinking

  • Propulsion Systems

    how to build directions into peopleu2019s thoughts and behaviours.

  • Installing Strategies

    teaching people to think in new ways to arrive at specific outcomes, either by using hypnosis or otherwise.

  • Creating New Patterns

    The ability to model patterns, skills and behaviours, including talents and values that are not normally considered teachable and the ability to model in real-time and to adapt the patterns for use in a wider variety of situations and relationships.

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$ 3,302 / m
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Results Coach
  • Master Performance Consultant

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$5,500 USD equivalent international rates