NLP Ultimate Sales Mastery Training

The NLP five-Step Sales Process: Modeled exclusively from successful sales people, this simple, fool-proof, five-step process will light your sales on fire! The powerful model and techniques will transform you into a sales hero with just five hours of instruction!

Instant Rapport: Rapport is necessary in sales, and you’ll learn how to gain deep, unconscious, irresistible rapport, modeled from one of the world’s best hypnotists, Milton H. Erickson. This hypnotic ability to create instant rapport is what sets most top achievers apart in sales.

Unlocking the Keys to the Sale: Discovering what your client wants at a deep unconscious level helps you unlock the decision-making process in their mind. These unconscious values get your client emotional about buying your product or service, powerfully drawing them into the close of the sale and inspiring them to action.

Ultimate Sales Mastery Training


Sales Mastery Training

Incredible Communication Skills: Most sales people spend too much time talking, and the things they say just don’t work. Instead, you’ll learn how to speak the way each prospect listens. It’s like having a personal conference line right into their mind!

Powerful “Hypnotically” Persuasive Language Patterns: Knowing what to say will make you a persuasion machine. Imagine being able to turn around even the toughest of sales with a few choice, carefully chosen words that practically hypnotize your prospects with their eyes open.

How to Absolutely Destroy Objections: Objections will come up in practically every sale, even if the client wants your product or service! You’ll learn powerful, “jedi mind trick techniques” for helping your prospects overcome objections, easily and effortlessly, including hypnotic Sleight of Mouth Patterns, and the US Military Recruiter patterns – some of the most powerful persuasive language patterns ever documented!

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