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WHAT WE DO -InnocentMinds NLP Training

Our NLP Training provides powerful strategies for producing personal and professional achievement through a series of intensive NLP based training workshops that help:

  • Enhance leadership and coaching abilities
  • Greatly improve communication and influencing skills
  • Discover new ways to motivate employees
  • Effectively lead to change
  • Build rapport within client’s new and existing networks

Personal and professional success does not always come easy.  It often takes hard work, commitment and determination to produce results. But when the NLP Training techniques are applied, People soon start seeing the benefits, as they taste success in the form of:

  • Increased personal achievement
  • Greater concentration, focus and vision
  • Enhanced personal performance
  • Improved interpersonal communication
  • Increased employee performance
  • Greater sense of fulfillment at work

NLP techniques can be tailored to any working or personal situation.  The principles learnt at INNOCENTMINDS EDUCATION AND TRAINING can be applied within a wide variety of contexts.

With increased personal effectiveness, professionals can be even more confident, relaxed, efficient, and in control.  When you add increased personal success to an enhanced professional effectiveness, you will see the benefits of greater fulfillment, self-assurance and improved performance in your employee’s professional life


When an INNOCENTMINDS EDUCATION AND TRAINING workshop is given to a group of executives, managers, team members or leaders, they can use the same NLP principles to empower themselves their entire workforce, see rapid increased productivity, improved sales, increased clientele, diminished waste and better employee-client relations as the influential elements of NLP play their role in raising the level of employee/management output.


Leadership Skills

  1. Develop peak performance & motivation – understand how people ‘Tick’
  2. Increase your flexibility to work with a variety of contrasting personalities
  3. Experience greater wellbeing even under very stressful conditions
  4. Elicit valuable unconscious information to help colleagues transform
  5. Work easily and productively

Management Skills

  1. Enhance abilities to respond to a variety of challenges & situations
  2. Create dynamic, personal, relationships with greater ‘clout’ & influence
  3. Enhance risk management abilities by eliciting greater ‘quality’ information
  4. Facilitate change & create greater acceptance, co-operation & involvement

Creativity, Invention and Problem Solving Skills

  1. Develop new problem solving skills that generate innovation & new insight
  2. Generate deep states of ‘FLOW’ and accelerate creativity & accomplishment
  3. Apply Walt Disney’s creativity model and learn to imagine invention
  4. Improve outcomes by understanding how to transform your perspective

Sales & Marketing Skills

  1. Apply advanced communication, rapport and influence & create ‘buy-in’
  2. Sharpen your negotiation, sales & presentation skills with ease
  3. Understand, model & replicate success strategies; yours/your colleagues
  4. Lead, persuade and motivate colleagues to accomplish greater goals