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Dear friend,

If you want to create a torrential downpour of buyers that flood your business

And literally DEMAND that you sell them your products and services…

Then this will be the most important page you will ever read.

Here's why:

My name is Prince Hillary Offiagu and three short years ago I was dead broke. 

I had started selling Online, and was building my business on WhatsApp

I always needed to spend a huge chunk of money for leads generation adverts on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp TV's.

In most cases, I got burned.

I would struggle to design the flyers, do the audience targeting and put all of the Ad copies together.

But my Ads never got passed the review stage, It's either restricted or permanently disabled for no just cause.

I call it the "Facebook pitfall".

I got worried sick and tired 😩.

In those days, I was just a DESPERATE young undergraduate.

My final year examinations was fast approaching.

But I had used a part of my school fee to run Ads promoting an affiliate product.

Sadly, I did not make a single sale.

There are no words to describe how frustrated I was.

I am telling you all this for one reason.

I want you to understand that, to be able to CRUSH the Facebook algorithm and leak quality leads without spending "kobo" on advertising, there is a mindset you need to have.

And to grasp that mindset, you have to follow my STORY.

When I added up the charges for my school fee, project defense and final year clearance, my bill was a whooping 1 million three hundred and fifty five naira.

I was in tears kicking myself.

Where will I get such money from?

I was just barely surviving.

In order to raise money to pursue my dying academic career, I had to come up with a special idea.

The idea came.

The idea was, instead of always waiting to raise the money I'll spend on Ads to try to get a client or make sales, "why not find a risk free way to beat the system?"

At this point I was broke and desperate.

I couldn't pay rent.

I was squatting with this old dried firewood.

Flat like a ruler.


She was 43, I was 25.

the lady was caring but i wasn't attracted to her one bit.

She actually  thought we were dating.

But in my head, she was just a low budget sugar mummy. 

This nympho was never satisfied.

She loved "head" more than she loved her own soul.

Her honey pot smelled like dead fish.

It was a bitter pill to swallow.

That's when I truly understood what ladies go through when they give their bodies to men they do not love just because they need assistance.

I felt violated.

Every kiss, every touch was irritating.

I was at my lowest of lows.

My brain was boiling.

My desperation was super high.

To cut a long story short, that was how I dabbled into ORGANIC MARKETING.

However, just following the normal organic marketing techniques “that we all know” did not make a huge difference.

I was able to make a few sales here and there.

But that wasn't what I wanted

I wanted to “blow”.

Possibly, you may just be experiencing the same thing right now.

Possibly, you may be familiar with the prevalent organic marketing techniques.

You are applying them yet sales are scarce.

Sales come once in a blue moon, like irregular menses.

But that’s not what you want.

You want to “blow”.

I can tell you what you need.

You need a ruthless mindset.

Anyways, I kept searching for deeper organic marketing secrets.

Having made a vow to prove my circumstances wrong, I couldn’t stop searching.

I had a ruthless mindset.

My search led me into what you might term “abnormal organic marketing”.

The details of how I discovered this recipe is a story for another day.

But what the heck is "abnormal organic marketing"?

I will put it in a way that most Nigerians can understand.

For example, there is a normal way to conduct an election.

It should be free and fair.

The WILL of the people should prevail.

On the other hand, there is an abnormal way of conducting an election.

In this case, it is not free and fair.


And the WILL of the people doesn't prevail.

Abnormal organic marketing is like rigging an election.

It is when you rig the leads delivery process of the Facebook algorithm and hijack their most quality customers.

It is when you don't play fair.

That is what I do.

I learned it because I was tired of failing.

I was tired of begging.

I was tired of being tired.

"Abnormal organic marketing" is not illegal.

However, it is not normal.

"Abnormal organic marketing" is a method of leads generation that bypasses "fair" reasoning.

It tempers with Facebook's will.

And for lack of a better word, it "induces" the interest based algorithm to behave as you wish.

Remember when your friend kept tickling or telling you something funny, but you didn't want to laugh?

You held the laughter for as long as you could.

But it eventually got to a point where you burst into uncontrollable laughter.

In other words, your friend "compelled" you to laugh.

I discovered that when it comes to leads generation, you can do exactly that type of thing to the Facebook algorithm.

You can click a few button and trigger the interest based algorithm to send quality and ready-to-buy leads to your profile.

This method is not some strange secret cult thing.

It happens every day.

If you think hard enough, I'm sure you'll remember how Facebook keeps sending only your friends and village people.

Check out this post from Mr. Yusuf Olatunde Na'im...

Imagine how annoying it is.

These people are not any close to your target audience.

They wouldn't even buy a thing you are selling or subscribe to any of your programs.

The question is how do you INTENTIONALLY get Facebook to send you only qualified people.

How do you use such "technique" to ethically get a flood of high quality and ready-to-buy prospects?

That is what I discovered how to do so well.

And fortunately, you can learn exactly how to do that, today, if you want.

But I am not so sure if you qualify for such knowledge.

I say so because...

...If you are soft-hearted and lack the killer instinct to crush the Facebook algorithm and leak their best customers without paying "kobo", then, my organic marketing formula might be too POWERFUL for you to handle.

In fact If you have Never Broken the heart of someone who truly loved You, Then trust me, you should stay far away from my abnormal organic marketing formula.

Before I show you more, check these out...


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The Ultimate Facebook Organic Marketing Formula that is 100% Guaranteed to Put the Facebook Algorithm into "SELECTIVE MODE" and INDUCE it to Always Deliver High Quality Leads All The Time, No Matter What You Sell or Your Niche.

My two Big PROMISES to you...

The first promise is that the rest of this  letter will be very short, it will be over before you know it.


The second promise is that I won’t go out of my way to convince you to have my organic marketing formula.

Rather I want you to simply relax and enjoy the rest of my content.

I believe that if you have a need for the "money-printing-organic-marketing tactics" I'll be telling you about, you wouldn't need anybody to convince you to grab the formula.

You’re not a kid. You know what's good for you.

Now, let's roll...


The answer is "abnormal organic marketing".

This “FORMULA” is deep.

But I will try to explain it in just thirty seconds.

Note: you don’t have to agree with anything you're about to hear now.

But just listen.

There are three major marketing strategies that occur on the Facebook platform ...I call them the "three insane Facebook marketing strategies"

These insane marketing strategies are what pioneers all the activities that happen on the Facebook platform on a day-to-day basis.

And it's uniqueness can ONLY be fully utilized through a Facebook personal profile.

Not a Facebook page.

Not a Facebook group.


When these "insane" strategies are triggered, the algorithm quickly goes into SELECTIVE MODE.

Handpicking only profiles and users that meet the interest or niche you have specified. Things you never thought it could ever... ever do.


With my "abnormal organic marketing" blueprint you can learn to trigger these insane strategies.

You would be able to switch the Facebook algorithm into "SELECTIVE MODE", fast.


As more and more quality leads rush to buy your products on a daily basis because you have triggered the algorithm, you'll be in a position where you're constantly making more money, faster, and enjoying all the good stuff you have always dreamt about since you were just a kid.


The question is why ?

Is it because  you've just SUDDENLY realised the impact this BLUEPRINT will make to your income and lifestyle?

Is it just me, or are you already seeing how quickly your income is going to skyrocket when you apply your newly found "abnormal organic marketing" blueprint"?

I understand that feeling.


I felt the same way the day I suddenly realised the crazy money I could be making if I dared to apply the  power of "abnormal organic marketing".

So, I took the bull by the horns.

I applied the FORMULA.

And the rest is dorime🥂💸💋.

Only those who dare, truly lives.


So, I dare you to use this BLUEPRINT.

I dare you to be ruthless.

However, I hope you realise that when you use this skill, some people might go out of business?

What a pity; your competitors don't know what's about to hit them.

But do you know what's funny? 

What if your competitors get this formula and you don't?

Hmmmm, if that happens, you can kiss your business goodbye.

They'll eventually colonise most of your customers.

They'll rig the leads generation process and steal your livelihood.

"Your blood is gonna dry"

And it won't be their fault.

It Will Be My Fault. 

That's because in my Facebook Organic Marketing Formula, I didn't hold anything back.

In that course, I explained the "behind-the-scenes" marketing strategies that happen on the Facebook platform and how you can harness it's extraordinary power to thrive and dominate amongst your competitors.

And once anyone understands these marketing strategies, they can induce the algorithm to go into selective mode and deliver high quality leads continuously.

Like I said before,  my abnormal organic marketing formula is not for the faint in heart.

You must be ready to crush the Facebook algorithm and leak their best customers without spending "kobo" on advertising.

If that is too powerful for you to handle, then please, feel free to close this website and walk away peacefully.

BUT. If you decide to keep reading, I can't stop you.

Let's quickly wrap this up.

My first promise was to keep the rest of this letter as short as possible and I have done that.

The last promise is that I won’t try hard to convince you to buy anything from me.

Because I believe you have enough sense to know what is good for your business.

My guess is that at this point you have seen enough to make your own decision.


Just in case you decide to get the FORMULA, please, wait...

...don't  Do it yet.

First...👇 picture this in your mind, for a second:

{ I am standing in front of you, holding the "abnormal organic marketing formula" in my hands....

And you are holding N100,000 in your hands.

My question is: Which is more valuable to you?

Is it the N100,000 in your hands or the "abnormal organic marketing formula" in my hands?

If you were to advise your 7yrs old son.... which option will you tell him to go for? }

As wicked as he is, even the devil will advise his son to go for the  "abnormal organic marketing formula" in my hands.

Because this abnormal organic marketing formula is priceless, hard to find.... and can make you rich.

Once you learn how to trigger the Facebook algorithm into selective mode, so many good thing can happen.

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In there I also discussed many other stuff that shouldn't be mentioned publicly.

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#8. How to Effectively Use Facebook Tags as a Tool to Boost Content Engagements and Conversions.

This is another one of those strategies that we shouldn't talk about publicly.

I  actually hate sharing this last one with you.

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Terms and condition: Within 60 days from the day of purchase, If when you access this program, you didn't find item 1 - 8 and EXTRA Bonuses as listed in the "what's inside the blueprint" section of this page, and you brought it to our attention and within seven working days, we were unable to provide you with the listed items, then you are entitled to an immediate no-nonsense refund.


PS: If you don’t mind I would love to give you a free lesson on how the MIND works.


After reading this far, if you're still UNDECIDED about getting the Abnormal Organic Marketing Blueprint, then, SORRY, you've been "TRICKED.".

I will explain.

Whenever we come across a NEW  opportunity, our minds always cook up  reasons why we should hesitate and not take action.

And this is because our minds are programmed to stick with WHAT WE KNOW , aka ( The Comfort Zone).

Even though it's obvious that what we know isn't getting us the results we want.

Yet, your mind will fight you from getting and trying new information.

Naturally, that's how the mind is wired.

For example:

(The Comfort Zone), is why so many people will never marry a person who is from a different tribe, even if the person is an ANGEL.

Their minds will TRICK them and all they'll keep hearing is ... "The Devil You Know is Better Than the Angel You Don't Know."

And this is how so many GOOD people have ended up marrying a DEVIL from their tribe, just because he or she could speak their local dialect (aka; what they know), (aka; their comfort zone)

 You can see the STUPIDITY in such reasoning, right ?.

YET.... in the same way...

If we let it,  our minds can TRICK us from taking advantage of the NEW opportunity that's staring us in the face. and pull us back to our comfort zone( aka; the old information that isn't getting us good result).

For example...

Staring you in the face right now, is a NEW high level organic marketing information that can help you make a new rush of sales and quickly turn things around financially, for yourself and those connected to you.


If you let it, your mind will TRICK and cause you to stick to what you know, (aka; same old information) that isn't getting you exceptional sales or helping you make the type of big money you should be making.

Here's How to BEAT Up Your Mind.

The way to defeat the "WEAKNESS OF THE MIND" is by saying no to "yourself-defeating-fears" and take action even if your mind is telling you otherwise. 

That is what winners do; they forcefully take action, they go against their "self-defeating-fears".  

It might not feel good initially but eventually you'll be proud of yourself.

OR haven't you noticed that...

every single time you have pushed yourself to do the right thing at the right time, you have always ended up feeling happy with your decision later on?

Well, am I telling you all this so you can GRAB YOUR FORMULA?

Hell, no.

As far as I am concerned, you’re not a kid.

You know what's good for you.

And by the way, if you decide not to GRAB YOUR FORMULA, someone else will.

Hopefully, we pray it is not your competitor.

But who knows?

Anyways, thanks for reading, I hope you learned a thing or two.

Best of luck.

Prince Hillary Offiagu

SAVE 85K, Get it for ₦15,000 (Limited Time Offer)