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IMI Lead trainer / CEO

Innocent Usar garnered several years of practice in the real estate sector after becoming a graduate of Estate Management in 1997. He worked with MTN Nigeria Communications, a multinational organization for four years. After leaving MTN in 2008, Innocent Usar trained with Christopher Howard Training in the United Kingdom in Results, Master Results Coaching, Neurological Repatterning (NR), Performance Consulting, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Master Hypnosis, Masters in Neurological Repatterning (MNR), Train the Trainer ‘Platform and Presentation Skills,’ as well as the Billionaire Booth Camp’s Wealth Mastering Intensive Training.

Innocent Usar came across NLP while he was on holiday in the United Kingdom, whilst working in the site acquisition unit of Africa’s largest telecommunication company, the MTN Group. He has over 12 years significant additional experience in site acquisition, negotiations, sales, marketing and building brands. He was part of a team that made happen the largest network roll out in the history of telecommunications in the world, playing a vital role in northern Nigeria.

As our lead Trainer, Innocent Usar designs flexible programmes of in-house NLP training that allows individual employees, managers and team leaders to help others to increase their own success. Tailored to your particular needs, our 2-7 day intensive training workshops (for ten to one hundred delegates or more at one single time) is given at company locations across.  For those interested in certification and accreditation, Innocent Usar and his team offers full certification at all levels of NLP training.

Innocent Usar, our head trainer is pioneering the use of NLP for people in work, life and business in Nigeria, Africa and the developing countries of the world. His work includes and goes beyond NLP in his aim to support people and organisations to discover their unsuspected greatness in this chaotic, challenging and turbulent world.

He is committed to work with his in-house clients and course delegates/trainees here in Nigeria and abroad to help them to make a positive difference to their own organisations, their families and the world at large. InnocentMinds believes in respecting the culture in each of us and for that reason. The company also loves working locally and internationally (especially in Africa) where we can develop our ability to learn from the diverse cultures in our world and to respect and grow the best in each of them. Our courses though not entirely NLP based trainings at all times, can lead to NLP certification at several levels including Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer levels. Many turn out to acquire massive success in their careers, in business and in their personal lives. The essence of our approach — modeling excellence — enables us to learn from the best in all aspects of work and life; leadership, sales and influence, sport, the arts, communication, teamwork… The list is endless.

As he says; “The first principle of change through NLP is to go there first and be the message; I changed my life first before becoming a Trainer of NLP & Results Technologies so that I could emotionalise the ‘truth’ of how significantly NLP can change your life – I was determined to earn the right – by changing my life first – so that I could tell my students, they can change their life too; because I went there first… and have done it myself.”

Training with Innocent Usar is a unique experience and one of the purest experiences you can get of what NLP is all about. Mr. Usar is the host of the widely acclaimed InnocentMinds ptogrames on Radio and Television