Design Your Destiny

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Are you living your true purpose in life?

Are you eager to live the extraordinary life you deserve but just don’t know where to start?

It’s time to stop yearning for an extraordinary life, and start living the extraordinary life! If this sounds good to you then it’s time to Design Your Destiny.

At this 2 day event, you will discover your unique contribution to the world and gain access to all the resources within you to fulfill your purpose in life as if it were ‘written in stone.’

Design Your Destiny through a step-by-step plan that you create for yourself through the course of this program. You will also learn how to develop the dynamic relationships necessary to drive you forward toward the fulfillment of your ultimate life and destiny.


  • Blast through inconsistencies and blocks in your performance;
  • Eliminate overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage;
  • Define and realize your goals much faster than ever before;
  • Take charge of your focus and expect more of life;
  • Create lasting results by removing the barriers that hold you back;
  • Understand and re-organize your approach to life;
  • Become unstoppable as you break through to long-term success.


Get clarity in your life
$ 590 / ₦ 180, 000 2-Day Intensive Training

Discounted Offer  ₦ 105, 000

County: Nigeria, Ghana
Training Available In: Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Ibadan, Accra

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