Pushing Through Boundaries

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INNOCENT USAR invites you to have a one-day encounter with Nigeria’s brightest growth and financial catalysts to radically and Practically accelerate your personal, professional and business goals within the next 6 months. Many people have often asked who are the Nigerians that have helped to shape the thoughts and actions of Innocent Usar, those he actively emulates and listens to.

There are rarely any, but these gentlemen have made a remarkable impact on him and he is about to introduce them to you. These guys are arguably two of Nigeria’s wisest, brightest minds and entrepreneurs whom he follows, works with and learns massively from.

They are, ADEOLU AKINYEMI who happens to be the co-founder, Marvel Natural Products PLC and VICTOR EKPO BASSEY the Founder – Highly Paid Experts Network.

Innocent Usar is collaborating with these phenomenal shining stars who are not merely profound speakers and teachers but folk with entrepreneurial exploits spanning over two decades and with massive results.

They are collaborating to help you in Pushing Through The Boundaries that have hindered your personal and career breakthroughs as well as formally introduce you to some of the thoughts, principles and methodologies captured in Innocent Usar’s brand new book, PUSHING Through Boundaries – How to Create Epic Outcomes in Life and Business (and come ready to pick up a copy).

PUSHING Through Boundaries is a one day event in Lagos (and eventually in Abuja, Jos and Yola) capturing how you can have immediate to the life altering benefits and much more.

When you attend, you will…

1. Heal from past hurts, dysfunction and trauma.

2. Become aware of your values and build a life of character

3. Stop procrastination and self sabitaging behaviours

4. Employ your imagination and thinking towards effective problem solving

5. Empower yourself with transformational tools to start your journey of change work and helping others in the community

6. Be inspired to overcome tough times and take massive action towards the achievement of future outcomes

Venue: 3rd Floor, Lagos City Mall, Onikan, Lagos Island.
Date: Wednesday, September 2021
Time: 11am – 3pm
Fee: Enrolment is FREE but seats are secured by registering here immediately…