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INNOCENTMINDS INTERNATIONAL, Nigeria’s First comprehensive indigenous Trainer of NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) has decided to team up with you or your highly esteemed organization in order to help further your personal as well as your organization’s vision and mission using the cutting edge tools and techniques of accelerated human change – NLP, the way no other training company does in Nigeria to train and educate your team about excellence, productivity and the changing workplace as well as the balanced lifestyle. At INNOCENTMINDS EDUCATION AND TRAINING, we believe that in order to adapt to the constantly changing environment, it is important that staff, employees and even senior management are given the opportunity to show initiative and be flexible in their work.

IMI continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.


To be the most impactful and innovative alternative educational, personal growth,organizational development resource hub upon which catalytic growth is hinged in Africa by 2035.


To engage, educate, develop and empower a new generation of deeply thinking and wholesome people, groups, organisations and communities across Africa using the cutting-edge tools of accelerated human change via every available .

Our NLP Training provides powerful strategies for producing personal and professional achievement through a series of intensive NLP based training workshops that help:
  • Enhance leadership and coaching abilities
  • Greatly improve communication and influencing skills
  • Discover new ways to motivate employees
  • Effectively lead to change
  • Build rapport within client’s new and existing networks
Personal and professional success does not always come easy.  It often takes hard work, commitment and determination to produce results. But when the NLP Training techniques are applied, People soon start seeing the benefits, as they taste success in the form of:
  • Increased personal achievement
  • Greater concentration, focus and vision
  • Enhanced personal performance
  • Improved interpersonal communication