Ignoring The Inner Guru

Ignoring The Inner Guru

Ignoring The Inner Guru

“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation.” ~ Joseph Campbell

There are countless posts on social media platforms that I have seen about positivity, self-help, yoga, green smoothies, natural glow and gluten-free everything.

Many people equate such messages with spirituality and good vibes, but these posts don’t tell the whole story. The more we wake up to the bombardment of these holy grail facts, thus more incomplete, and insecure we feel because others seem to have it all figured out. Truth is, none of us has it all figured out.

We cannot possibly summarize the complexity of our lives in one tiny post or status update. Before you get to experience the whole path of light, there’s a lot you have to muddle through. It’s easy to get enticed by what we see or hear because of the mounting pressure to seemingly have all the answers and always be positive no matter what.

We tend to place most of our well-known gurus on a pedestal, the moment we click the follow button on their profile. This leads you to constantly compare yourself to them 24/7, all the while ignoring your own inner guru. It’s okay to admire other people’s journey of self-proclaimed transformation, as long it resonates deeply with you and creates a vibe of authenticity. Be wary, however, of instant status transitions that only shine a light on the positive aspects of their story.

I personally get inspired by those who share their struggles and transmute them through in-depth healing, not the ones who claim to always be happy and positive no matter what happens. Your transformation journey is essentially personal. It’s unique to who you are and is meant to connect you to your highest self. The part of you that’s true, discerning, and compassionate.

It knows which course is best for you and teaches you to overcome challenges with grace. You cannot capture all of this on an Instagram story or Facebook post. Each day promises a new adventure and there will be days where you feel completely off. No need to stress it, you’re a perfect human going through an elevated experience of consciousness. The hours spent on positive practice cannot be undone by a few negative thoughts or action.

You are incredibly worthy in the splendour of your humanness. Come to terms with the fact that you are meant to feel all emotions, while also finding ways to be in alignment with what feels empowering to you. The journey to transformation is one of returning home to yourself after feeling disconnected and acknowledging that something is missing. You need to lean into the darkness of your shadow instead of denying it with positivity and face your beliefs head-on.

Revisit parts of your life that you’ve been ashamed of or ignored and learn to reshape the very experiences that no longer serve you. Release old wounds and drop the revenge-like mentality against people that hurt you in the past. Reframe painful memories and comfort the inner child in you that needs to be nurtured.

Be open and honest with yourself about how committed you are to change. Such a connection don’t magically manifest, you need to do some background work. You could start by changing your diet and eating habits if that’s what you need, or speaking your truth when you find yourself in uncomfortable conversations. Find peaceful ways to be creative and learn new things about yourself.

Cultivate a healthy willingness to release old patterns, unconscious habits, and negative thoughts that keep you trapped. Here are a few questions that could help you find clarity:

– Am I willing to forgive and move on?
– Am I willing to see a past hurt as a lesson?
– Am I willing to make mistakes with the new understanding that no one is perfect?
– Am I willing to question the beliefs that have kept me stuck and depleted?
– Am I willing to let go of relationships that drain my energy?
– Am I willing to change my lifestyle and routines in favour of my healing?

As you evolve every day, you get closer to your personal truth and become more comfortable in expressing it. The realizations you seek will not happen as overnight revelations, because the journey to transformation has many layers. As a health and fitness expert, Talatu Inusa Usar taught me that no matter how much smoothies you drink or fitness exercises intended to keep you in shape if emotional cleansing is not part of your routine, it would be challenging to maintain lasting change.

You have to become comfortable with facing your shortcomings, past traumas, and limited conditioning. Change only occurs when you develop genuine curiosity, meet your traumas and understand your triggers. While this doesn’t eradicate all your fears, it creates a new perspective on handling challenges.

You deserve the freedom that empowers you to move forward in every area of life with congruence and confidence.

Innocent Usar
Founder, InnocentMINDS
Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix
International Coach and Trainer of NLP

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