Pattern Interrupt!

Pattern Interrupt!

“Awareness is the birthplace of possibility; Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Deepak Chopra

Picture this illustration; ‘Have you ever been talking and someone interrupts you, making you lose your train of thought, or have you been gone into a room with the sole aim of retrieving something and you are momentarily forget the particular item you’re searching for or become unsure about what to do next?’

Using the Epic Outcomes Matrix model, we can interrupt a pattern that someone is running which is producing an unwanted behaviour, like a phobia, and after interrupting them we can suggest a different process that doesn’t produce the phobic response anymore.

Once the unconscious pattern that someone is running gets broken, they become more susceptible to the next reasonable suggestion that they get.

Shock and surprise disrupts established patterns of thinking, as such we can use the unexpected happenings we experienced to break ourselves free from established patterns of thinking that aren’t serving us.

In any life event, one can always find a positive pedestal by utilizing what we like as an opportunity for learning and change.

I have severally written and spoken about how our experiences don’t really matter, it’s how we react to them that counts – we all have the ability to choose how to respond to the situation.

The Unconscious Mind represses memories with unresolved negative emotions; and presents those memories again from time to time, so that we can make sense of them, release and resolve the
emotions attached. We often unknowingly deny the fact that something is an issue, even though it would help if we consciously acknowledged it as such.

Sometimes we’re just not mentally ready – the moment a thought or desire is neurologically activated, we become quickened physically to take action. We would not have the desire to make certain things happen if we are not somehow capable to achieve them.

Once we have developed the desire, we need to understand how we can make it happen. The problem is that most people equate their ignorance to impossibility.

The concept of parallel universes first introduced by physicist Hugh Everett III in 1954 states thus “everything that can happen, happens,” so at the very moment we create an event in our lives, the universe creates multiple versions of us in as many different realities, each living out the possibilities derived from that event, and living through a different experience.

There is an infinite number of parallel worlds which enable us to constantly shift between new realities as we evolve and grow in consciousness.

As we leave our old model of reality, we become free from our limiting beliefs to express our true self.

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