Order of Ripple Effect

Order of Ripple Effect

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius

When we are not being asked the “right” question, answering the wrong question isn’t going to make things much better for us – especially if want change.

We tend to always do the best we can with the resources we have available; so we’re bound to be limited. According to what is known as ‘the chaos theory,’ a dynamic system is very sensitive to small changes in the initial conditions which are set, leading to difficulties in making long term projections.

This is bordered on the ripple effects a single change can spark, if it is constantly modeled. Spontaneously, out of the chaos springs beautiful order and classical structure. Although we cannot literally change the world, we can only influence the world we experience.

We have the power to live in our desired world as long as we resist the impulse to blame others for the way our life turns out. We live in extremely empowering times and if we cling to limiting beliefs that we can’t be who we are inside until we fulfil a set of terms, then we are orchestrating our own chaos.

Nothing is set in stone, we are capable of creating the tools in becoming everything that we can, and want to be. So if we choose to hold on to how things used to be and obsolete ways of thinking and behaving, then we’re free to own our frustration.

As we invest in ourselves, it will have a cumulative effect on our reality – we become and attract what we do. At the end of day, life doesn’t need to be a game of two halves or a rabid dog fight.

We don’t need to rely on it all balancing out at the end of the season, because the only thing that seems certain is uncertainty. We must quit leaving our lives to chance and take conscious control as co-creators of our reality.

We are the makers of our experiences, we can tweak every disempowering result to a charismatic twist. Rather than develop a coping mechanism, we also need to recognise when to go with the flow, or even become the flow.

We often allow negative emotions to shift us onto a different track away from what they want. These negative emotions are not actually show-stoppers, they are merely signals that something needs to be resolved deeply at the unconscious level. We may be ignorant of these little information, as we are burdened with a responsibility to understand our environment in relation to our life and outcomes.

While we question our reality, we also need to maintain a positive outlook on our experiences to keep us from slipping into induced chaos.

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