Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

“Rise above the crowd, and dare to create the reality you desire.” ~ Bentinho Massaro

Granted, not everybody can afford the luxury of doing what they love all the time, especially when it comes to sticking to certain career paths.

We often believe that we don’t have a choice, but we do – options and solutions abound. The quality of our outcomes depends on how much you are willing to involve ourselves in designing our experience.

We live in very enabling times and it’s up to us to decide how vividly progressive and successful our lives should be, the empowerment has to come from within. We must awaken our personal power, because nothing just happens unless we let it.

It’s no use expending time on the reason(s) which make circumstances occur, when we can now have new choice, options, and opportunities for ourselves once we adopt the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to make the changes we desire.

We can identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that hold us back from our desired experiences. We’ll start to think a little differently and become a different person, as it is crucial to focus on what we want.

This form of self sabotage makes us look at our present circumstances, and base our next plan of action or goal on that. Until we’re consciously ready to start thinking differently, we continue create more of the same result we’re trying to change.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could always be excited, and grateful for every single day, regardless of our circumstances?

Most people do stuff they know isn’t in their best interest, simply out of habit – which is an unconscious behavior. As soon as we become aware of us doing a particular behaviour, it stops being a habit and becomes a choice. Why do we continue to act in ways that don’t serve us?

We all perform a lot of tasks on auto pilot, because deep down we have unconsciously learnt these patterns and associated them with certain impulses. Thus, regardless of what we think, we tend to stick to our learned patterns which are controlled by our feelings.

Next time we catch ourselves doing something we don’t prefer, we need to ask ourselves what unconscious desire that particular behaviour actually satisfies. The world is fast becoming more dream-like – a lot of things are becoming more possible like a fairy-tale of sorts.

As such, there will never be a better time to embrace the best version of ourselves than right now. We cannot find what we are not looking for and by re-arranging our previous ideas of what we thought was possible in the world, we can facilitate the things we want to include.

This way we’re sure to switch from being on the Effect side of our experience life is happening to us and there’s nothing we can do about it), to being at Cause, by manifesting the experience of our choice (everything that happens is a result of our choice and how and what we think our reality can be).

In the light of this lucid dream, outdated limitations are being lifted; old boundaries are becoming more porous. We can make it work for us by adapting to it, and thriving – the only thing that can hold us back is what we believe is possible.

So the ball lies in our court; what personal limits should we transcend now? What negative stuff will we choose to let go of?

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