Chaos – Danger or Opportunity

Chaos – Danger or Opportunity

“Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.” – Carl Jung

Our first reaction when we make a big risk or a major gamble is to expect disaster – that everything else would fall like a pack of cards.

This is because it is as if we’re looking at our life from rear view mirror, so everything we focus on behind appears to be fuzzy. In today’s fast-paced world, it is important that we make reasonable discernments about who and what to believe.

The best thing that could ever happen to us, takes place on our inside to reveal external results. Experiencing an ‘aha moment’ for one particular issue would often provoke a solid chain-reaction of transformation within us.

Fine-tuning our awareness level is an effective way to ensure that we are inoculated against the inappropriate use of manipulation on us. We need to precisely direct our creative energy on how we think not what we think about.

We must think flexibly, to perceive things from other people’s perspectives and from other angles without running the risk of conformity. This will shows us how to assess the information behind the unique results we admire in other people’s physiology. And it ensures that the messages we are receiving from our environment is both linguistically and physiologically aligned.

There is a structured mechanism to understanding ourselves and others better, in order to communicate more effectively. We all have our own unique and individual perspective to life, built from the memories of our past experiences and, in the light of our current circumstances.

So, letting go of the past and changing disempowering patterns can be as easy as deleting a neurological code. The sciences of the mind is advancing at a relative pace, and so should our understanding of how our experiences affects our reality.

It seems to be an enduring characteristic of the human race to always assume whatever is unknown must be dangerous – something to be feared, and avoided at all cost. Due to these baseless assumptions, we box ourselves into a grey zone. Neglecting the power that we all have to create the life we really want by changing how we think.

Apparently, our prison is a product of our own construction – we are the jailers of our desired results. We can independently develop and accelerate our own change in reality. To learn quicker and adjust in a more meaningful, focused manner, we need to learn about the structure of language, and the nature of suggestion and suggestive language.

Together these techniques can help us to discern what is important to us. For all we know we’re just having an experience – so why don’t we make that experience a positive one?

The moment we start looking forward, then our perspective changes – our window of opportunity becomes bigger and ripe with options and of course, our everyday outcomes with eventually change from what we do not want to an abundance of what we want.

At our flagship event called PUSH – in Lagos and in Abuja, we expand on this paradigms so you can apply them to life, career and business, in order to change your practical outcomes and be fulfilled in life.

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