The Imagery Approach To How Things Work

The Imagery Approach To How Things Work

One distinguishing factor between someone who takes action and someone who doesn’t is their belief in what’s possible. . . When we are absolutely certain that we will get the result we want, we will be motivated to take massive action. On the other hand, when we’re sure something will not work out, we tend to spend less time making any serious moves. . . Often times, we find ourselves in the midst of these extremes – the land of “maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.” And this is the real danger zoen, where we end up making half-hearted efforts. The key is to create absolute certainty is to fill ourselves with the belief that we will accomplish whatever we set out to, no matter what is happening in our external world. . . No matter how much we train our body, the results we seek lie in the changes we experience in our mental state. . . We need to condition ourselves to become certain that we are capable of achieving any feat, and believe in our abilities with every fiber of our being. We all have beliefs, conscious or unconscious that limit us. Sometimes we allow the status quo set dictate what we believe is possible. Other times we allow our own self-doubt take precedent. . . Most people are primarily motivated by necessity, rather than by what they want. They do things because they must, rather than take action with a view of what is possible. These people go through life taking what comes so they don’t expect infinite varieties of an experience. And a lot of us behave this way when we need a new job or a new house or a new car, or even a new spouse, we just accept what is available at the moment. . . A smaller percentage of people are motivated less by what they have to do than by what they want to do. They seek wider variations of options, experiences, choices and paths. The person who is motivated by necessity is interested in what’s known and what’s secure. A person who is motivated by possibility is equally wants to know what can evolve, what opportunities might come up. . . Imagery training is a technique that helps us overcome those limitations and achieve powerful results. We become enabled to see ourselves succeeding on a precise level. We see exactly what our desired results

look like, and envision the strategies to achieve it. By doing this, we emotionally immerse ourselves to be part of that experience.

This is more than a mere mental exercise, as it impacts us psychologically, emotionally and physically. Encompassing the dynamic of how outcomes are materialized and helping us transcend the self imposed boundaries barring us.

The process of imagery training might appear simple, but it must be treated as a ritual, to be religiously practiced daily. This is a core part of the Epic Outcomes Matrix (EOM).

To engage in an imagery session; we need to take an outside perspective of the present circumastance and then create a multi-sensory experience.

Here is where imagery sessions have begun for many people in Africa that you too can enlist and be a part of

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