Spinning Out of Control

Spinning Out of Control

“Stand guard at the door of your mind.” – Jim Rohn

We live in an unstable world and with this uncertainty comes a great sense of fear which we tend to express through hateful speech, social anxiety, frustration and in extreme cases, depression.

For millennials, something as fickle as scrolling through our social media timeline or news feed has become stress arousing, as we are constantly bombarded with everything that is wrong in the world or something or someone we have not yet measured up to.

Recently, there has been a sense of distrust as to what is real and what is not. But still, living in a perpetual state of fear changes nothing. The moment we succumb to fear, we relinquish control over our emotions and our lives.

There can be no positive change or growth when we are allowing external forces to dictate our internal reaction. If we actually step back and consider the nature of fear, it’s nothing more than us worrying over how external forces could impact our lives.

The world today is flooded with negative news, we even banter over trivial things on social media. How does this influence our mind overtime? These careless experiences allow weeds of anxiety to bloom in

our minds. If we don’t have control over our most intricate thoughts, then life in the negative with so much pressure is bound to happen to us.

We cannot transcend the boundaries that we ourselves impose, until we dissolve the thought patterns that uphold the limiting beliefs that have caged us and pinned us down to disempowering experiences and realities. We have the power to master our emotions, and although we may not be able to control our circumstances and what happens around us, we do get to decide how we respond to it.

No matter what chaos or what adversity comes your way, you can refuse to allow it to control your life. What is the difference between fear and faith? Both are projections about the future that convey uncertain experiences of life, built based on imagination.

The principle difference between both of them is that, fear is an indirect, fearsome imagination while faith is a conscious product of direct imagination to create what we want and believe is possible. Whichever we choose, a habit is often formed and the pattern of our outcome shifts one we project these thought repeatedly.

Once we let go of what we can’t control and direct our focus into what we can make happen, we plug ourselves into a state of gratitude. At this point, it doesn’t matter what’s missing or the worst-case scenarios, our fear just evaporates. So it’s left to us to decide, whether to take back control of our emotions, embrace the uncertainty, and start living in a beautiful state ‘now’ offers.

To retain control over our disempowering, disenchanting and disillusioning reality, we need to proactively feed our minds with that which enables and empowers. The only way to override negative signals from our mind is by consciously adhering to positive information. Spend time to read even if it’s for 30 minutes everyday, try meditating for 10 minutes every morning, listen to an audio message while commuting.

Eventually, these small changes when done consistently, will help us become conscious of our thoughts and in control of our reality. And you will be more conscious of the ways that you can elevate your life and find new opportunities for improvement.

Start to make that shift happen today before you wake up from the negative trance and see your life spinning out of control.

I have invested in creating something that is a great opportunity to take action right now and build your life in this direction immediately like many others are doing around Africa.

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