Letting Go Inside Out

Letting Go Inside Out

There was once a hand whose fingers were great friends.

The owner of this hand started a dangerous job and, despite the care he gave the rest of the fingers, the thumb always came off worse, with lots of cuts and bruises.

At first, the other fingers asked the thumb’s forgiveness for their clumsiness, and the thumb did indeed forgive them. However, this happened so many times that, one day, the thumb decided to forgive the fingers no more. He stretched himself away from the fingers, and wanted nothing to do with them.

Initially, the thumb looked dignified, straight, rigid and aloof. However, that kind of position was forced and ridiculous. The owner even had to keep that hand in his pocket, and there the fingers suffered in darkness and obscurity….

Do you entertain the idea of a mind-body connection? Can your thoughts and emotions cause alignments or lack of it in your body?

Some chronic illness are caused by the repression of negative emotions, as pain can be caused psychologically. We experience emotions as a natural aspect of our lives when something important to us gets violated.

Feeling negative emotions like, anger, sadness, fear, shame, hurt, and guilt can be unpleasant, but they are stirred up to tell us something and deliver a message. They are a signal for a vital message each time they show up.

It all started when we first encountered those negative emotions at an event or series of events and were unable to discover something (lesson or wisdom) we ought to have known or learnt – It is this lack of discovery that makes the emotion to keep rearing its ugly heads repeatedly at different times in our lives.

Paying attention to and embracing the message(s) our emotions come with is almost impossible for most when we experience them in our consciousness, thus we attempt to repress and shove them back down into our unconscious mind, where we think they reside. Our unconscious mind functions to repress negative emotions, so that we can get on with our lives.

But our unconscious minds also re-presents these repressed memories, to help us let go of the negativity and learn something that empowers us and moves us forward. Often times when the unconscious chooses to re-present a repressed memory for resolution, our conscious mind will object and shoves the raw emotions back down. This simply means that we are not ready to resolve the issues and get the learnings or lessons – the reason the emotion was still there in the first place.

If this cycle continues, the unconscious mind gets more creative with expressing these painful emotions and juxtapose a corresponding reality for the conscious mind to recognize the emotions. The longer we ignore these signs, the body is left to suffer the pain.

The solution is to bring the past emotion into awareness, learn from it and let it go. This is a sure way of letting go of negative emotions from the past. This is the structure for obliterating negative emotions and letting go of these messengers of wisdom. There is no other way.

We need to learn how to align our conscious and unconscious minds, so we can locate all of the resources accessible to us. We live in a thought responsive world, and to embody new outcomes every day, we must develop a shift in our thinking.

Regardless of the challenges we face, the only thing that matters is the mental attitude we nurture as we face that situation.

No matter how painful our challenges may get, there are positives lessons to be learnt. Challenging circumstances in the moment can seem too much to manage, but measured over a lifetime, these challenges get less overbearing. And when these circumstances are shared with minds where objective learning and reflection can take place, they cease to be challenges.

Sometimes we go through certain challenges not just so we can learn from the experience, but so that others around us can too. So how do we make sense of challenging circumstances in life? We need to imagine our circumstances as a school which gives life a whole new perspective and fresh meaning.

We must awaken to the idea that we are more than our physical bodies and let go of old patterns that no longer seem to empower or serve us. Then, we can take with us our experiences and its learnings in the form of the transformation of mental consciousness.

As we become self empowered, we begin to experience more of what we want and less of what we do not want.

…and finally, the thumb understood that it had all been his fault, and he asked the fingers’ forgiveness, fearful that they would reject him.

On the contrary, the fingers easily forgave him, because they – better than anyone – knew that we all make mistakes.

Friends once again, all five of them worked together to prove to the owner that they were perfectly well again.

Before long, they returned to the light again, this time well aware that they should always forgive each other, and thus avoid ending up inside a gloomy and depressing pocket.

Innocent USAR

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix

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