In Synch With Reality

In Synch With Reality

Dear good friend of mine,

I am writing to enlighten you a bit about an aspect of our cognition.

Cognition is a mental activity that involves an active interpretation of events and experiences to project a certain behavioral response.

As a result, different people may draw different conclusions about the same event(s) which affects our emotions.

We experience feelings in the form of mood and emotions and each day, we find ourselves feeling happy or sad, jealous or grateful, proud or embarrassed. The way we act is often influenced by the way we feel. But how, exactly, do emotions and behavior work together?

Our behavior is what we do and how we act, and this could include physical activities, verbal and thought patterns. We don’t have to act on our thoughts and emotions, although our behavior is strongly influenced by them.

There will always be circumstances in our life that we cannot control. But if we learn to control our thoughts, our manifesting feelings and behaviour solely depends on us.

Our thoughts (cognition), feeling and behavior are interrelated to create our experience.

The thoughts that pass through our mind are responsible for every outcome we experience. Our predominant thoughts influence our behavior by controlling your attitude to impulses. We must be cautious of what we think; for as our thoughts are, so is our life.

Our thoughts are like a video that plays on the screen of our mind. What we choose to play there, determines the kind of life we would ultimately live including our experiences.

Thoughts, like seeds, have a tendency to manifest in our life, if we groom them with attention and enthusiasm.

Our thoughts pass from our conscious mind to our unconscious mind, which influences our actions in accordance with similar thoughts.

Our thoughts can also transcend the universe and get embedded to other like-minds. The mind is an integral part of the creative power of the Universe, which means that our thoughts work together with it.

Our outcomes are a manifestation of our universe thoughts; when we repeat the same thought over and again, in one way or another, the universe will help us make it a reality.

Our outcome does not depend on any event(s) but on our thoughts about the event(s). Our thoughts about an experience triggers the chain reaction of feelings, behavior and its consequences. It is our interpretation, what we think is going on, that activates the direction of our outcome.

When we regain control over our thoughts, we regain control over our feelings and actions. Everyday a multitude of thoughts pass through our head as ideas, things we want to do, people we desire to meet, something we wish to tell someone, something you want to buy, something or someone that you would like to know,etc.

The pattern of thought we pay attention to reaffirms our present situation and determines the direction of our future.

Understand this cognition process and consciously taking charge of it will go a long way in ensuring we firmly remain firmly planted, and in the driving seat of our lives.

This is how we will continue to determine the direction and flow of our outcomes which is in sync with the reality that we experience at any time.

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Innocent USAR,

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, Epic Outcomes Matrix

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