Break In Transmission

Break In Transmission

The quality of our reality is not necessarily based on the quality of our past experiences or decisions, it’s based on the mental and emotional filters which determine our perception of the external world.
These filters have been shaped overtime by a number of factors – our culture, beliefs, socio-economic status, race, religion, values, and personal experiences. These internal filters influence our narrative about who you are, what you’re capable of, and what’s possible to us. When we rewire the pathway of these filters, we can then change our habitual perception patterns.
We can direct our mental and emotional state to determine our outcome rather than allow our environment control us. We will begin to approach circumstances from an entirely new perspective. An effective way of doing this is by asking ourselves empowering questions. When we routinely ask certain questions, we begin to reframe the way we experience our reality.

We have all experienced situations where we ruin our chances of accomplishing something. This kind of self-sabotage is usually as a result of mixed neuro-associations; the mind links pain and pleasure to the same situation. This sends out mixed signals to the universe concerning what we want and it affect the quality of effort we invest in getting what we desire.
For instance, a lot of people have conflicting ideas about money. We all want and need money for the freedom, opportunity and security it guarantees us. But on the other hand, most us put a cap on our earnings because we likely do associate money to negative attributes such as pride and greed. And this affects our relationship with wealth and money.
When making a decision, we need to have a clear picture in mind – of what borders pain and translates to pleasure to avoid sending mixed signals. If we don’t, we confuse ourselves and lose the momentum to take a decisive action towards achieving a desired outcome.
In a nutshell, when we bear mixed messages in our mind, we are bound to receive mixed results. Its not enough to just think up ideas and recall mental information. If we don’t pay express attention to the nature of our thoughts, they will dilute in our mind and disappear. Like a garden we need to consciously tend our mind, so our neurological system can respond to each thought, generate creative ideas and create new thought and neurological pathways.
When we invest interest in our thoughts, it transcends our subconscious and influences our actions. The best way to calibrate the quality of our outcome is to brainstorm every unconscious association we have linked to a particular issue – both positive and negative ones. This will help us sort out what exactly is complicating our decision-making process, and the individual emotions that weigh us down.
Once we identify the beliefs that hold a special significance and those based on misconceptions that pose a substantial risk to us, then we are sure of what to expect from the universe.
It has become impossible for many we have encountered to be stopped or hindered from creating magnificent results of epic proportions.
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