The Power Of Observation

The Power Of Observation

The Power Of Observation

“The meaning of communication is the response that it gets.”

~ Pressupposition of Empowered People

Sensory Acuity really is a great way to gain awareness of how effective our influence is and whether we are getting the results we desire through our communication or not.

When talking with someone and they are not giving us the response that we ought to get, how do we manage the situation and bring back their attention?

We can actually do it by having an acute awareness of certain small and minute changes. This skill can really make a significant difference in our ability to communicate effectively and also give us great insight into how other people perceive what we are communicating, through their unconscious reaction to us.

Developing sensory Acuity is the first step that enables us to build fantastic rapport with everyone we meet anywhere. Sensory Acuity is the capacity to be acutely aware through our senses, as to what is going on around us and also notice minute changes in people we interact with.

We can do it visually, auditarily or kinesthetically -feeling things on the outside and noticing our inner feelings too. We can notice these slight changes in the physiology of other people that indicate an unconscious response in them to our communication. Our sensory acuity allows us to measure the progress we are making in a discussion – whether they are with us or we are losing them, whether we are moving towards an agreed outcome or we are stalled We can become expressly aware of people’s breathing patterns, lip movement, eye movements, pupil dilation, or overall facial gestures to inform us about what is going on at an unconscious level within them.

If we evaluate the different types of tonality and physiology that can accompany a statement, we will realise that non verbal elements carry more of the weight than the words. This is particularly true where the content is emotional, but in the context where the content is intellectual, the tonality and physiology can either add weight to or subtract from the message. Whenever an internal representation shifts, something will also shift in a person’s external behaviour.

An Internal shifts can lead to a Change in sensory representation such as Images, sounds and feelings. While an Externally shifts can lead to Facial changes, Body language and Tonality shifts. We can learn to develop their own sensory awareness by detecting the subtle movements in another person’s physiology and voice tone.

This is known as calibration which means detecting differences. Larger movements are easy to detect, but it’s the minute shifts that require a high sense of awareness. People who are naturally good at reading people i.e. knowing when they are lying, hiding emotions etc. have unconsciously developed the skill of calibration. This is a major part of the tool kits at display in our work with the Epic Outcomes Matrix at InnocentMINDS.

Most people have their attention orientated internally which is fine for self awareness, however to detect change in others it is important that our attention gets oriented externally. Small shifts we can see (visual cues) in another person’s physiology include Skin colour, Minute muscle changes, Lower lip changes, Pupil dilation, Breathing changes, Larger shifts, Arm folding, Leg crossing and Leaning forward and back. Sounds we can detect (auditory cues) in another person’s verbal expression include Volume, Tone, Clearness, Speed, Pauses, Rhythm and Words.

There is a special process we can utilize to expand our awareness, by enlarging our peripheral vision while staying focussed on the central object. Peripheral vision is our wider range of vision and that provides us with information regarding movement in the general vision field. Opposed to tunnel vision which is useful on focussing on one piece of information. Tunnel vision provides us with high quality but narrow stream of visual information.

As we increase our visual awareness, we will realise that some people are more explicit than others. We will also notice that each person has their own set of physiological distinctions for different experiences and emotions.

Innocent USAR

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, Epic Outcomes Matrix

Innocent Usar is with Innocent Minds.
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