The Illusion of Realism

The Illusion of Realism

The Illusion of Realism

One skill we must develop as we mature into a more resilient individual is that of reframing.

Reframing is simply to the act of placing something in a new frame – frame here means perspective.

When we change our point of view on a particular situation, although the facts remain the same, a deliberate shift will be made in how we see it.

We can replace our energy-stealing thoughts with more responsible ones such as: “Is there a reason for this mess I am in?” or “What can I learn inspite of my loss?”

We slip into a mindset, that “Life is hard” or “Things are bad”, and these thoughts may not be relatively true. If however we continue to play these same thoughts over and over in our mind, they begin to attract a corresponding reality.

As we shift our thinking about our circumstances, we provoke a change in emotions we elicit and the meaning that we give to our life circumstances. We can choose to move our experience from a negative frame to an empowering one, filled with opportunities. Reframing allows us an expanded view of our reality and activates a different way of being.

When we redefine a problem as a challenge, we affect our energy flow. An important instance for reframing occurs when we are flooded with feelings. When our anger is flared, we are more likely to shut our mind to thinking and deteriorate into critical thoughts which are negative. With committed effort and practice, we can learn to pause and reflect.

During this period, we can truly see what’s underneath our emotions and in that crucial moment of reframing we become at peace. Reframing requires us to see something in a context that allows us to recognize and appreciate the positive aspects of our circumstances.

Reframing helps us to utilize whatever outcome we receive as opportunities to be taken advantage of, rather than problems to be avoided. Reframing does not mean that we live in a state of denial, we just need to trust that things would favour us in the end. Reframing forces us to loosen our grip on the illusion of control, by understanding the transformative periods of vibrancy.

With reframing, are less likely to be possessed by disruptive moodswings of pessimism, frustration or resentment.

Then we can utilize the resources we didn’t know we had to our advantage, while our prevailing attitude becomes optimistic. The more we engage our apparent negative results through reframing, we learn to trust that good outcomes are also possible. Instead of shutting ourselves in bitterness, we can choose to appreciate the transformative power of suffering.

When we discover that the deeper the channels of pain carved into us are in place to deepen our capacity for joy, then we can magnify the results we want.

When we magnify the results we want. Our outcomes begin to be outstanding and epic.

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