Our Vocabulary Affects Our Outcomes

Our Vocabulary Affects Our Outcomes

Our Vocabulary Affects Our Outcomes

“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation” ~ Mark Twain

The poverty of our language especially here in Nigeria is very discouraging. Many of us seem to lack the exact words to describe our thoughts and exact feelings, so we settle for elaborate terms.

This sets a barrier between us and our desired results or outcome, as the unconscious mind want specific instructions and the universe is always specific with wants and needs.

Certain internal experience are elicited by the use of specific language. We need to use our language in a very directed way in order to get the results that we want.

Since the way we see reality is not reality itself, the words we use are not the event or experience they represent. Our language captures a mere fraction of our map of the world, which is most likely incomplete and inaccurate. We can get a sense of our internal map by the language we use. Although the phrases we use say nothing about reality itself, they say a lot about how we perceive and respond to it.

For instance, if our internal map projects a certain task or life as a hard hustle then based on this distorted map in view, odds are that we would only seem to experience struggles. Because our language decodes life to be difficult, we are likely to limit ourselves from experiencing the blessings of the universe. The objective of modifying our language is not to make our experiences to be more realistic.

Instead, it helps us to recode our internal representation to one that takes us where we want to go. Imagine having an internal map that says: “The universe supports me. My life is what I make of it. I deserve to have fun and live a fulfilling life. People are appreciate my presence and help me meet my goals. I am on the highway to prosperity.” If we expressed our experiences this way, imagine what would be the quality of our outcomes.

Language is a unique gift central to our experiences as human beings and even the flukes of our grammar can profoundly affect how we see the world. Our choice of language isn’t merely a tool for expressing our thoughts, they can actually shape our thoughts in respect to the outcomes they create in reverse.

Everyone does not pay attention to the same things at the same time, thus our outcomes are bound to be different. But successful people pay attention to the right things in the world, this shows why they seem to have the correct information to include in what they say.

Our language also affects how we construe events, reason about causality, record significant experiences, ascribe meanings to certain emotions, take decisions on what’s possible. Our linguistic processes are pervasive in the most fundamental domains of our thoughts, and they are unconsciously shaping us from the basis of cognition and perception to our abstract notions and major decisions in life.

Language is always transporting the human mind, shaping civilizations, affecting the human experience and altering the quality of life that people live. This is one reason why it is also part of the perceptual filters that continues to daily shape our results in life.

To change your own outcomes today, it is imperative that we begin to be conscious about our word usage, language expression. mind our presuppositions and express our desires with precision and clarity.

Epic outcomes can emanate from executing language, which is the external expression of our innermost desires, frustrations, happiness and experiences generally.

Here is where to start to really learn how to mound your language and vocabulary at a deeper level to support your life and empower your dreams…


Innocent USAR

Founder, InnocentMINDS Training & Consulting

Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix

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