What Are The Odds?

What Are The Odds?

What Are The Odds?

We are at cause for what we think and what shows up in our experience of life.

When we look at any situation, we can look at it one of two ways: big picture, or details.
When we think big picture, we are looking at the entire situation in one big chunk. This is
useful for getting an overview of the situation, for determining the general direction of a
vision, and for summarizing what needs to be done. But it is not useful for taking action.

Staying at the bigger chunk level can overwhelm and freeze us from acting. The solution to
overwhelm is to “chunk down” and move to a more detailed level. By asking ourselves,
“what’s the first thing that I need to do to move forward?” and, getting down in detail to
such a level that the first step becomes achievable -almost trivial. One thing that dictates
whether we take action or stall is our “state” at each moment. Our state is a combination of
your mental mood and your physiology. It is literally how you feel at any given moment.

When we’re in a negative state, even simple menial tasks can seem insurmountable and
when we’re in a peak, positive state, everything seems easy and achievable. Our state is
highly influenced by the pictures, sounds, and feelings that we create in our minds. If we
create negative pictures, sounds, and feelings about a task in our mind, our state will
become negative and things will seem harder and more overwhelming than they actually

We instinctively like to move away from pain and discomfort, so we procrastinate to avoid
these negative feelings. But, when we make positive pictures, sounds, and feelings, we
create a peak, positive state and things will seem easier and more achievable. By
associating to the pleasure of the outcome, rather than the pain or discomfort of the action,
we move toward pleasure and closure.

It’s not a case of the mind objecting to change, rather our mind tends to shy away from
repeating significant emotional events that caused us pain. So whenever we’re having a
hard time performing any task, it’s because we’re unconsciously associating a negative
emotion or experience from the past with that task. Many people have unfortunately,
projected negativity in their future through their sheltered thinking. When we think of
things in the future, if the first thing we think of is something that makes us fearful,
doubtful or sad, then we must realize that we have control over those thoughts.

Many times, our outcomes may seem “automatic,” but in actuality, they are just habitual.
They are thoughts that we’ve thought for so long, that they just happen to be the first ones
we go to by habit. Thus, we can change them. Just by changing our focus to a positive
outcome, we change the way we feel about a certain task. This changes our state, which will
change our behavior and which will practically guarantee us a more positive result.

The fact is, we don’t know what will happen in the future. If we have a choice to project
negativity or positivity into everything we do, then we must choose positivity every time.
This doesn’t mean to ignore “negative” things in our life. Instead, we should acknowledge
the possibility of a thing happening, decide what we want and then focus on creating that
outcome instead of the negative one.

Innocent USAR

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix

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