Oh Captain, This is How To Sail Your Ship!

Oh Captain, This is How To Sail Your Ship!

Oh Captain, This is How To Sail Your Ship!

One of the presuppositions or assumptions in Neuro-Linguistics states that, “there are no
un-resourceful persons, just unresourceful states.”

One of the greatest challenges we all face is managing our emotional states, especially in
difficult and aggravating situations. How can we deal with challenges without feeling the
boil of anger rise and lead to verbal or physical outburst?

It is important that we all learn how to manage our internal states regardless of the
situation and perform effectively. Whatever task we are faced with or whatever we want
the outcome to be, we must ask ourselves – “what state do I want to be in to make this
easy?” “Do i throw myself head first into activity to avoid thinking about the difficult

All states are caused by the interaction between our thinking patterns, our physiology and
our neurochemicals. Changing any of these determinants can influence our state. Our
ability to change our state and choose how we want to feel at each moment is one of the
skills for emotional freedom and a happy life. Emotional freedom does not mean never
feeling negative, it just means that we are more aware of negative states and can choose
our response. There are many ways in which people can develop the self awareness to
effectively manage their states. These techniques will help you perform at your best no
matter what is going on in your environment.

Being able to manage our state is critical for us to remain resourceful even in the most
challenging of situations. The first step to managing our state is to change the internal
pictures we are creating for ourselves,and not just what we are picturing, but how we are
picturing and re-presenting it. We can also alter the sounds we can listen to externally and
internally, become more aware and zone in on the best and most suitable picture possible.
Oftentimes we noticed that once we are feeling low or a bit off centre and then hear our
favourite piece of uplifting music, our states change immediately. Changing the sounds in
and around us goes a long way in how you can be stimulated to imagine your end result
imagery to be.

Secondly, we need to radically change our body posture and gestures; participate in things
that pushes different chemicals around our nervous system. This could be a mini exercise
when we feel tensed or simply taking the stairs instead of the lift when we feel down. A
change in one’s posture, say, standing tall, high and successful, not only make us look
confident but we’ll also feel more confident.

Once we also consider changing our facial expressions and even our breathing, we are
bound to notice a substantial feeling of control over our present states. We often engage in
self talk especially when we feel overwhelmed or just to stimulate our minds, but, we can
actually change the content or the language of our mind’s internal chatter to become our
own champion.

By simply changing our internal critic that regularly tells us we’re not good enough,
language creates reality; when we understand the structure of language we can conjure the
reality we desire. This oh captain, is ultimately how to sail the ship of your emotional

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