Hacking Your Reality

Hacking Your Reality

Hacking Your Reality

We can hack our minds to attract the reality that we believe we deserve.
Have you ever wondered red how come you have the outcomes you currently are

Our thought patterns determine the actual reality we have come to live in today. We
attracted the reality we currently live in and it’s up to us to alter this reality. It’s up to us
to deliberately choose what we want to see or cut off what we wish to see less of in our

Where we are today is a result of who we were at one point, and where we go depends
entirely on who we choose to be now and going forward. Our environment, our reality,
the world we live in is a reflection of our attitudes and expectations.

While thinking of ourselves as managers of our circumstances, we are actually the
architects of our life experiences. The mind can adapt to our beliefs and attract our
desires, through visualization. Visualization is a primary tool of EOM (Epic Outcome
Matrix) which has been utilized by top performing athletes, CEOs, network marketers
and sales reps to achieve massive results.

Visualization is a powerful mind exercise which when coupled with persistent action,
helps to actualize a complementary outcome. Spending an average of 5-10 minutes daily
to visualize a specific outcome and getting emotionally entangled with the idea that it is
already yours in additional to how it will change your circumstances, is a sure way to
achieve set goals.

The key to effective visualization is acute concentration on a proposed image using all of
our senses until we actually fully see, hear and feel that it has been accomplished. This
ensures that the picture excites you and is embedded in your subconscious mind. The
whole process of visualization is very easy but requires maximum concentration and
sometimes, professional guidance especially when starting out.

Design a picture of what you want with your imagination and be specific when doing
that. Engage your senses when visualizing, pay attention to what exactly you are seeing,
the distinct sounds around you, the concrete smell in the air and if you can it’s exact
taste and how it feels. Make sure your picture is as real, vivid and detailed as possible
but very flexible as you will continually need to add to it. Then take this picture from
your conscious mind and begin impressing it on your subconscious mind.

Put yourself in that state of achievement, let the feeling of haven accomplished it
envelop your being. Experience the new scenery of a fulfilled desire. Embrace what it
feels like and hold on to that feeling. Relieve it as often as possible throughout the day
and watch the universe respond to your shift in vibration. “See things in the present,
even if they are in the future,’’ Larry Ellison once said.

According to Bob Proctor, ‘’the first step is to visualize your intentions without having
any ideas as to how it will manifest. But once you have a clear purpose, you must act’’.
You’re a creative distributor of a life giving force, whatever you put out will always come
back to you. An outcome didn’t materialize from the summation of certain experiences
but from the consumption of individual ideas.

What do you wish to attract?

What attitude do you need to cut off?

Where do you really desire to accomplish?

Begin this journey today in order to really hack your reality and if you need more help,
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You can be, do, have and create anything you want. It is high time you consider anything
out there that is humanly possible, to be within your reach.

Innocent Usar

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