Belief change + Response Redesign = New outcomes.

Belief change + Response Redesign = New outcomes.

Belief change + Response Redesign = New outcomes.

Every behaviour we deem to be undesirable has to be replaced by another behavior for that
change to be permanent. The main issue behind changing an undesired behavior lies in
understanding its structure. Patterns are formed when we accept and model a certain
response, which locks us in a trance of the new behavior and it puts us ultimately on

As such, it takes more than a single conversation to bring about change in one’s behaviour
if you do not know how to beat conscious resistance and reach the person at the
unconscious level where real and sustenance changes are actually wrought.

During our feedback session a day after the intervention in class, a colleague and room
mate of the nurse who had the uncontrollable liking for sugar reported how he tried to
quietly sneak sugar cubes everywhere this friend of his would go to within the house and in
the noticeable places where sugar packs were always kept in the house.

He was amazed that not only did this gentleman not pick the sugar cubes and put in his
mouth as usual, it was shocking to discover when asked that he did not even know that
sugar was placed around him.

He lost this unhealthy desire for sugar. The desire was frozen in that moment when the
intervention took place.

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Every outcome you desire to experience or help others experience is possible if you learn
the structure behind thought and behavioural patterns and changes.

To your success

Innocent USAR,

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix

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