As Long As We Believe

As Long As We Believe

As Long As We Believe

A farmer won a first prize at a fair for his huge radish that was the exact shape and size
of a milk bottle.

Many were curious as to how the farmer was able to grow this radish that was the exact
shape of a milk bottle.

Finally one gentleman went up to the farmer and asked the question. The farmer
replied, “It was easy. I got the seed growing and then I put it into the milk bottle. It had
nowhere else to go.

Our beliefs determine where we go in life. The power of our belief system is so powerful
and immense. Beliefs may either permit us to fulfil our highest potential or keep us
helmed in and exempt us from veering into greater possibilities. Beliefs define the
boundary conditions of our thinking.

Most times we allow our beliefs to become our identity. If we actually developed an
understanding of our thoughts and ideas which seem to appear at the forefront of our
minds; then we could all be leading a better life in the absence of all the negative chatter.
Limiting beliefs are held in the subconscious of our mind, emphasizing repeatedly that
we’re not good enough, clever enough or attractive enough to do, have or be what we
really want in life.

Beliefs either keep us from trying something new or changing how we’ve always done
things in order to achieve better, more positive outcomes for ourselves. The worst lie of
all is to affirm that we have no limiting belief. If you think about the last time you
wanted to try something new and a fearful thought popped up in your mind and warned
you to stay away from it, that is exactly what a limiting belief does.

Knowing this, it is possible that we have a number of limiting beliefs in different areas of
our life, constantly guiding and determining our decisions. We don’t have to look far to
recognise a limiting belief, they tend to let themselves known when there’s a particular
part of our life we’re hoping to change.

A perfect example of a limiting belief at work is when someone who is unhappy in their
relationship says, “my parents’ marriage was a wreck so I doubt mine could be any thing
different.” Or, “most relationships are bound to go south over time anyway.” This
limiting belief could lead one to settling with a less than desirable situation. Limiting
beliefs are personal, as they may have been heavily influenced during our childhood by
parents or peers. But since they are stored in our subconscious, only we have the power
to change them. We all have limiting beliefs but the trick is to tap in to our inner voices,
hear our negative chatter, so that we can work on banishing those thoughts that limit
our abilities.

In doing so, this could lead to a more positive and fulfilling life where more and more
becomes possible. Everything we are currently experiencing isn’t how things are
supposed to be, it all depends on the system we find ourselves in. We’re certainly free to
change our beliefs. There is nothing stopping us from doing so but we simply refuse to
believe anything different or an alternative point of view from what we have known to be
true. Most people use affirmations to banish or neutralize limiting beliefs, but how
effective is this method. An affirmation is a positive thinking technique to encourage
change. The idea being, if we make positive statements and repeat them over and over,
they will go on to affect our life positively.

What is your limiting belief and what will your affirmation be? Now, work on identifying
2 or 3 limiting beliefs that you may have or have had about yourself and making some
positive affirmations in your life. By becoming more aware of our thought process we
will take a huge leap in the right direction.

Our Beliefs Are Only True As Long As We Believe They Are.

Innocent USAR

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix

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