Our Mind Is Our Limit

Our Mind Is Our Limit

Our Mind Is Our Limit

“Be selective about what you choose to value and what you choose to focus on. These
things will become your reality, for better or for worse. The person you will be in five
years depends largely on the information you feed your mind today. When you are
conscious about the kind of information you allow into your world, it’s only a matter of
time before your reality reflects your improved quality of thought.” – Ruben

Recently, we found my 12 year old son huddled in his blankets in bed with his earpiece
plugged in and with his eyes closed.

His mom asked him why he was listening to music when he was supposed to be
reading as instructed earlier. An argument ensued.

Cut a long story short, he argued that he had simply recorded the portion of the
textbook he was supposed to read and was playing it out so that he would saturate him
and his unconscious mind would get it too.

I was in shock when I first heard this.

“How did he know about the workings of the unconscious mind?” I thought to myself.

Well, it then occurred to me that as a teacher of change tools including Neuro
Linguistics, Jesse must have heard that repeatedly sitting-in in one of my classes as he
often did.

The mind is a powerful gift and tool from the Creator.

Our minds dictates to the body, what what it should do with any experience from the
past based on self talk. Every time we state our intention, we open our mind to see the
exact opportunities that would link us to the results we seek.

The mind constructs our reality based on what we pay attention to, so by crystallizing
and defining exactly what are looking for part time, we unconsciously set up a cognitive
filter to pick up on corresponding patterns.

An open mind doesn’t limit the flow of information, it receives everything and filters the
raw data received through our expected outcome. Everything that happens is permitted
to occur by us. We are responsible for our experiences, so once we become aware of
this, it will be up to us to change our results.

The mind tells the body what to do. Our limits are the limits we created. While things
happen around us, our experiences are being shaped and new paradigms are being
formed. What we expect is what we get, even if it doesn’t currently exist. Always begin
with an outcome in mind, one you want to experience by reason of a certain event.

The scale of your mind is your reality, our reality is cued in a small dimension in relation
to the size of our mind. It is possible for us not to experience something simply because
we are out of context or these desires are not really vested in our mind. We tend to
experience this either when we don’t expect our desired outcome to be present in a
certain dispensation or we’re not sending the right vibe so it exempts us.

Reality is to the mind what the map is to the territory. Our map is a mental
representation of our total experiences so far, and it has a way of limiting our options or
increasing them. We’re exactly where we are supposed to be. Thus, if we knew better,
we would do better. If we wish to be somewhere else then, we need to upgrade what we
know to change how and what we are thinking and who we are, where we are. We
could choose to utilize the functions of our mind cognition to expand our experiences
and improve the quality of our results.

The more attention we give to something whether or not it relates to our beliefs, the
greater percentage of our world it will occupy. It takes only a few good ideas to
transform our life, if we actually use them. Every change we so desire when we’ll
captures in the mind can occur in a flash, in an instant.

We don’t need to know every single personal development strategy or philosophy out
there, we just need to find the ones that resonate with us and integrate them into our
live and get the outcomes we so desire.

We found out that reading the traditional way puts Jesse faster to sleep that sleeping
pills would. How he found this out himself is beyond his years, in my opinion.

Subsequently, he would record his own voice and listen to it over and over again on any
subject he is supposed to read. I encourage you to try this out. Why? We believe our
own voice more than we believe that of any one else and this is why our self talk is said
to be very powerful.

I am glad though that he pays attention to what his parents do and say in their work and
at home – his mom is an eating psychology coach and, his dad someone who uses the
mind to change people’s paradigms in his teachings.

The questions is if we all are like Jesse is – for our mind and not the sky’s our limit, that
which puts a cap on us and simultaneously our opportunity for outcome changes,
expansion and growth.

Innocent USAR

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix

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