Internal Response Over External Forces

Internal Response Over External Forces

Internal Response Over External Forces

The world as we know it today has no concern for our emotions or ego. This is apparent
when surfing through social media, a lot of people constantly drag each other down for
the most cynical of reasons.

Every effort to impress or remain the most preferred will prove to be futile, as people are
only concerned about others as long as they give them something to talk about. And
sooner or later we find out that we are only as good as what we offer, with the world as
the sole judge. If we choose to succumb to expanding our emotions whenever external
forces try to influence our actions, then we stand to lose our control over our results.

Once we allow external forces to regulate our feelings, we risk impacting a positive
change in favour of overall outcome.

Rather than letting these external forces control us, we must realize that we have the
power to master our emotions. Although we may not be able to control every event that
happens in our world, we get to decide how we respond to our experiences. Whatever
the nature of the chaos or adversity we can refuse to allow it to control our life. We need
to let go of what we can’t control and instead put all our focus into what we can make
happen. If we take our focus away from unfavourable scenarios and redirect our
emotions to practice what we love or gratitude, we will thrive even in our most turbulent
of times. This can be achieved by consciously deciding to take responsibility for our
emotions, and choosing to be at cause rather than at effect.

Being at Cause demand that we take responsibility for creating what we want in our life.
To be at Cause we must accept that we have a choice about who we are, what we do
and how we react to other people, their emotions and responses to us and to the events
around us. At Effect, we’re likely to blame other people or situations for how we feel
about life.

On the Effects side of the equation of life, we are likely to perceive ourselves as
disenfranchised and almost powerless. We become victims of self-imposed
circumstances and we unconsciously operate out of fear. We’re unable to see that we
have a responsibility to shoulder for why we’re where we’re at and what we have or
don’t have in life. We often erroneously believing that what we achieve or do not
achieve is purely down to some outside force (parents, partner, government, society or
something else).

We fail to grasp that we can in fact take total control of where our life is at and where it’s
heading. We all have the needed resources and the power to step out of the current
model of the world we live in and to begin to create our world the way that we want it.

Innocent Usar

Founder, InnocentMINDS

Creator, The Epic Outcomes Matrix

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