Focus On Your Focus

Focus On Your Focus

Focus On Your Focus

‘’Focus on where you want to go not what you fear. The mind operates on survival
mode; always seeking to identify threats and when your needs are granted, we feel
fulfilled. But when they are not, we feel threatened.’’

~ Tony Robbins

On completion of my one year NYSC programme in early 1999, I set out job hunting.
It took me not less than 6 months of pounding the streets of Abuja (whose streets I
turned out to know like the back of my hand through that search process), and looking
through job vacancies at newspaper stands to have my first breakthrough. No one I
knew was familiar with online vacancies. The internet in Nigeria was new sort of, and
going from office to office was the way that some of us knew to pursue possible job

I will never forget my good friend, an Itsekiri chap by the name Joseph Orighoye Arayi
who also took the pains to allow me squat with him at some point and also
recommended a few likely good openings.

As a recent graduate of estate management at that time, my focus then was only that of
securing a job with real estate firms. That was how I stumbled on someone I will never
forget. An Itsekiri woman by the name, Alero Barlow, from whom I learnt a lot of my
business ethics and etiquette. It was a great place and opportunity for modeling

Remembering her reinforces my belief that one of the best thing that can happen to
young people today isn’t which posh or high paying first workplace or company they can
secure a job with, but which FIRST BOSS they can work with and model or be
influenced by.

Mrs. Barlow is an outstanding London trained lawyer, hardworking business woman and
an incredible negotiator. Turns out she still has a remarkable impression on me and my
work ethics to this day. I hope to soon take out time to enumerate all the valuable
lessons and gems I learned and picked from her. Here though, is a quick peek into one
of the key things she taught me: Focus on Your Focus.

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