Difficult Differences

Difficult Differences

Difficult Differences

“One must be a sea to receive an incoming polluted stream without becoming impure.”
Oh ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Generalization is the definition of the world view (or model of the world) through one’s
own reality. We are constantly searching for what confirms our view of the world.
Generalization is not really bad, it either limits our choices or expands our options.
People are always giving us cues to what they are comfortable with so to be at cause,
we need to meet others where they are – at their preferred centre of learning or

Our minds are set in certain directions as it concern different areas of our life, thus
pushing for conformity distorts the unique nature of our experiences. We all live in our
own world so to avoid conflict of central confusion, we need to seek out the intricate
meaning we assign to certain gestures and languages of different people. Conflicts
spark from the dissimilarities in upbringing between two persons; people are not and
cannot be described really by their problems or the challenges that appear to manifest
in their outward behavior.

We always relate to others assuming that they are like us, but we need to meet people
and relate with them where they are. Authenticity involves incorporating our own reality
(what is real to us) after shedding our artificial behaviors and also helping others to do
same with empathy.

Every behavior became second nature to us because it was learned and once we have
picked up or formed a behavior, we loose awareness or consciousness of our activity
while performing them. There are some behaviors or urges we receive or feel that may
seem absurd in our present circumstances but sometime in the past, Neuro scientists
claim that our information filtration system (IFS) and reticular activating system (RAS)
had stored this behavior in case we are prompted with a particular experience.

Filters are formed in the unconscious mind and tell the RAS what information to process
and how to calibrate our beliefs and expectations (unique model of the world).
Everything we are currently experiencing isn’t how it’s supposed to be and it isn’t the
same for everyone – it was learnt and can be unlearned. Our current state of mind
triggers a corresponding replicable emotional condition. We all live based on our
worldview with a certain mindset about how things are or should be and to establish
congruence rather than conflict or confusion, we need to seek out the intricate meaning
we have assigned to different experiences.

What we all refer to as a mindset is determined by our internal filters which are
influenced by our Upbringing, Environment and Significant Emotional Experiences(or

A mindset can be changed when we redefine the meaning we give to our experiences.
Once mindset changes, we can change our outcomes. It is laughable when we wish to
change a person in a single conversation. Every behavior or response runs deeper than
it reflects on the outside. But the moment we remove the cap off our microscopic
thinking, we literally become at cause to help ourselves and others around us.
Understanding this gives us the true understanding of what change is – it is a journey.
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