Scientific research has revealed an assertion that every human possesses a genetic limitation capping how much we can achieve in a lifetime, convincing us that mental toughness and rigid discipline is useless in the bid to become better than we have been “designed” to be.

There is however is an acute difference between studying the “hard ceilings” that define every human and actually living each day beyond the borders of our abilities.

I believe that nothing is predestined by your background or previous history. The center of power is in this present moment, every thought you engage is subsequently creating your future. There is always a range of lateral options outside of the choices presented to you.

Although “People make the best choices available to them”, you can learn to be at cause when it comes to managing the outcome of your decisions. Getting more information and learnings as well as putting yourself in the place of Cause, increases choices.

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There would always be that one percent in the lot, who are willing (not destined) to put in the work to defy all odds of science, religion, race and reasoning.

The truth is, when you’re driven by what’s in front of you (passion/vision), it becomes fuel for your metamorphosis. Your passion should obliterate barriers, glimmer with glory and deliver lasting peace. But first, you will have to go into war with yourself to push beyond either what you have been told or have personally experienced as your maximum capacity.

Why live a shielded life? From the very moment you took your first breathe, you became eligible to die. And that is far more permanent than failure, so would you wait until you’re caught by the clutches of death or will you live regardless of the fact that maybe your very passion could be the death of you?

One thing is certain, nothing is actually certain at all. How can you let fear deny you, the express chance to live, love and achieve while you still can, or you can LIVE YOUR LIFE now. Be your authentic self.

Success is an energy, and it’s frequency can be disrupted by the slightest negative thought that may be yours or the prevalent ones in whose company you hang around. Your thought energy and the predominate ones around you also determines your level of success.

Every thought conceived and sustained is crucial to your outcome, and each thought is as important as the emotions it elicits. Thoughts may shift and collide, but in the end the emotional energy you project tend to affect and improve the quality of your outcomes. My team and I re helping millions across Africa improve their outcomes in epic proportions and I will like to help you out too.

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When it comes to something that strikes your passion, don’t lean on fear to define the things that mean a lot to you. Let the passion you bleed for your craft be as wide as the Pacific. No matter what lies ahead of you, fear is utterly useless. Whenever you taste fear in your tongue, choose to be fearless and swallow it whole. Hope for the best to illuminate your path to mastery, empower you to face your demons (reality), hold yourself responsible for your challenges and failures, relish in your pain, revolt against your fears, and indeed live to your fullest potential.

And in all of this, don’t allow your fears define who you are. All you can achieve is tied to who you choose to become, you are capable of whatever you think is possible for you. In face, whatever you think you are, YOU ARE MUCH MORE than that! All things are possible, if the mind be ready.

You can begin a journey of rewriting your brain today. Begin also to amplify your voice and uplift your life.

No one will do it for you. You may only get some help if you so desire. The choice to grab whatever makes epic outcomes possible for you is yours to make.

Make it that choice here now and act accordingly now. In early 2019, I want to help you from any part of Africa, PUSH boundaries and date the boundary conditions of your beliefs and past conditioning.

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Nothing is set in stone. Not even you. Go ahead and evolve.

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