I bought a red toyota starlet in 1999 having freshly emanated from my NYSC year in Calabar.

So on this new job in Abuja, it was a shocker for others to see me quickly progressing beyond what many thought of me and my potential for growth. I however had had thoughts of immense progress and growth supported by desires that i couched in my daily affirmations, confessions and prayers.

Once this car arrived I noticed a new trend of thoughts – I would catch myself wondering what would happen if my car got stolen from the car park at a shopping complex, outside my home or office, etc.

Can you guess or predict what happened to my darling Toyota starlet eventually? I’ll let you know what eventually happened with my car due to my fear filled thoughts.

But before that do you know that thought fuelled feelings can affect you reality?

Feelings radiate energy into the universe to attract a like reality of equal frequency, which manifests in the form of events, conditions and circumstances, whether they be of those things you want or those you do not want.

These feelings are sparked by what thoughts you choose to focus on and is soured on by the vibrations you prefer to concentrate on. That’s why it is important for us humans, to consciously exercise control over our thoughts. The ability to think is a virtue that actively influences one’s circumstance and resultant emotions. If you think scarcity, you’re bound to experience limitations and feel poor or left out. The moment however that you begin to accommodate thoughts of possibility, there will be a literal abundance in resources.

Thoughts don’t just bring things to life, thoughts are things. You don’t necessarily need to affirm a negative situation to assert that its real, learn to adopt the stand point that there is no circumstance you experience except the ones you create.

Therefore you can’t experience anything outside of yourself that is not in you. A negative event or reality thrives on negative thoughts which comes back to affect your feelings. Simply think in the direction of what the circumstance should or could be and let the universe take care of the reality. How can one vibe at the right frequency radiate the right energy into the universe? What exactly should you think about? What signals could your thoughts be transmitting to the universe? How can your object of focus affect your feeling? How you feel can inform you of the frequency of energy vibration, that you’re sending out to the universe. Feelings of depression and unhappiness are birthed when the mind entertains thoughts and ideas which disrupt the flow of positivity. Consciously take control of your thought process to be in charge of relative moods and emotions until it becomes an unconscious behaviour or habit.

Filter each object of your attention, and observe things, people or events that cause you to be appreciative and joyous. This way you will be able to magnet positive conditions to govern your reality. It is not necessarily what is happening around us that affect our feelings, but what meanings we attach to it. There is no good or bad side to reality, what matters is how it resonates within you as a person. Regardless of the situation you are confronted with, you have the expressive power to recreate an alternative reality in your mind, and your overall feelings depends on your choice.

Let your thoughts run beyond your physical reality, imagine a perfect substitute (an ideal reality) and immerse yourself in it, until you feel at one with its vibration frequency.

The mind doesn’t exactly know the difference between what we remember (memories), what we observe (our reality), and what we imagine.

Immediately your focus is shifted to something (a thought, picture or an event), an equal vibration is activated within you to balance your point of attraction. Everything is a direct manifestation of previous dominant thoughts, replayed memories and unprocessed events. By changing your object of focus to something that gets you elated, the feeling of excitement will shift your point of attraction to receive a happier reality. The energy you keep vibrating at has to match the frequency of the preferred reality you wish to attract.

You too can be in charge of your life and outcomes once you digest and understand this process which is expounded at our live training events.

And back to my darling toyota starlet and the regularly pounding thoughts I entertained years ago, you guessed right… IT WAS STOLEN sometime in the early part of year 2000!

I learnt a whole lot more lessons from this event that i hope to share with you sometime in the not so distant future.

The question is who actually created this? I absolutely did and my dominant thoughts, the vibrations they constantly sent and the feelings they evoked paved the way for my unconscious subject of focus to be birth.

The writer, Innocent USAR is a teacher, master practitioner and trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neurological Repatterning and Epic Outcomes Matrics (EOM). He travels around Africa with his team at InnocentMINDS Training and Consulting, helping individuals, groups and organisations creative epic outcomes and the life that gives them incredible success and happiness.

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