Nothing is impossible until it is thought to be so. The rapid changes in technology has proven that innovation can be achieved only if we think they are possible. Every applaudable feat has been attributed to the human mind that imagined it’s possibility. Great potential is embedded in utilizing one’s imaginative thinking, to see beyond the physical world.

Imagination is as concrete as reality and is believed to be more powerful than knowledge. There is a strong tendency to recreate what you see than what you know.

The mind is a wand of creation which transmits one’s thoughts into his immediate reality. Pegging like images together and presenting the results that fit each thought process. Whatever thought or image that is projected will end up attracting its kin reality.

Each of our outcomes are determined by our specific expectations. Over time, we tend to find what we are unconsciously “looking” or “sorting” for.

While changing the focus of your thoughts can affect a fraction of your outcome, your resultant reality depends on you. You create your experiences based who you are. Good will never look good enough to you, if you keep looking at it from a bad angle. Your current position is not necessarily subject to any circumstance but, every behavior that has led you here.

It is possible to experience the same circumstance from various perspectives, depending on the belief system you choose to adopt. Each result is brewed from a set system of thinking. Therefore to change a particular result, you have to change your system of thinking.

As we go through life, we all accumulate beliefs systems and habits passed on to us by reason of our upbringing, environment or significant emotional experiences or events.

More often than not, these beliefs limit us from being who we need to be, because our beliefs play a huge part on our perception of the world. It is the scale on which good and bad is measured. Beliefs define our life’s experiences. Beliefs lead us to act without even thinking through the motions, as they have been instilled in our memory, nervous system and physiology over time.

Therefore, whatever you perceive to be true will be correct for you. As long as you believe it, it will work for you, positively or negatively. Your beliefs are filters through which you experience life and whatever you concur to will, becomes your reality. Your beliefs are working to create your personal version of the world for you. Belief systems can be shaped by what you continually focus on. As your object(s) of focus expands, it tends to find bolder expressions the more attention is fueled towards it. This Therefore requires that we be selective with the thoughts or images we give attention to in our minds. As the saying goes in NLP circles, “energy goes in the direction of focus and attention.

How can one change these limiting belief systems? We show the use of our real and practical tools at our live trainings events. These helps to make changes at the unconscious level to help control our thoughts. If there is one thing you can have total power over, it’s what goes on in your mind. You are responsible for your thinking process, it is what you feed your mind that forms your thoughts. When created, thoughts are projected with certainty to portray your reality. One who thinks in she realm of lack is bound to experience lack but, one who thinks in the realm of possibilities is bound to experience opportunities.

Your thinking is a magnet which attracts a corresponding reality to you. So it’s safe to assert that, thoughts are things and nothing can be experienced outside of what you created in the mind. Your result is an expression of your very own self. Therefore there is nothing that can be identified outside of yourself that isn’t in you already. This is why many experts have said that “everything is created twice. Once in the mind and then secondly in reality..

The reason for your results is rooted in why you behave the way you do, why you respond the way you respond and the triggers that with ASSOCIATION to something from your past programming, set off a course or cycle of behaviour.

Stop thinking in alignment with your reality, this mentality puts you at effect where you do not take responsibility for your action, because life presents to you more of what you condone, not necessarily what you desire. Instead imagine what could be, believe that image to be true, associate yourself with the image in terms of the picture, sound and images and watch it come to pass.

An idea or image fixed in your unconscious mind manifests in reality and until you change these ideas or replace those images, a change in your outcomes using our Epic Outcome Matrix through Cognitive re-imprinting techniques, this will be impossible.

Awareness is the key to disrupting the flow of limiting beliefs into our consciousness, hereby reinforcing our conscious ability to think productively.

Written by Innocent Usar (C)

Innocent Usar is the acclaimed Leading Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Neurological Repatterning and Epic Outcomes Matrix (trade-marked). He is also the founder and Chief Executive at InnocentMINDS Training and Consulting.

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