I had this conversation with someone well known in Lagos recently.

He told me he might want to do his Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Consultancy Certification (Level 2) training with our training company, #InnocentMINDS.

I asked if he had actually done the NLP Results and Practitioner Certification (Level 1) training at all?

He nodded with hesitation and this look of uncertainty on his face. I asked why he seemed unsure and he told me he wasn’t sure he really needed the 2nd level of the training as he was reportedly yet to profit or benefit from the one he had completed earlier.

There at that moment, I noticed the snag.

On further probing, I noticed the lack of confidence in talking about his learnings in the class he claimed he had attended elsewhere and in answering a few of the questions I had asked him about NLP, it’s development and its foundations.

I started to suspect his claims to have had a real encounter with a truly experienced and certified trainer of NLP.

Friends, we are in an unregulated sector in Africa where anything seems to pass and folks can be conned in the name if learning and personal development.

The next time, be kind to yourself and your future by doing some level of due diligence on any advertised course no matter the pedigree and well “packaged” aura that any course of learning promises.

Spend your money well. Invest in real value. Pursue what really works. Embrace that which has ECOLOGY laced with it all through. More than anything else, check the verifiable RESULTS it has delivered for others.

Here is the curriculum for the NLP Results and Practitioner Certification Level 1) training with #InnocentMINDS Training and Consulting. It is comprehensive and it is total.

Our organisation has a total if 8 (eight) NLP based trainings touching on sales, learning and teaching, wealth, designing and visioning goals and purpose, leadership, self-mastery, mind-power and memory enhancement among others. We are evolving soon and adding more modalities, value and fun learning like no one has seen or experienced in Africa.

We have been told by many professionals that there is no such comprehensive approach to NLP in Nigeria and around the African continent like this one

You will do well to also check if there are global comparisons. NLP has a global and almost a universal appeal and curriculum.

our next class and last class for 2018 is from November 26th – December 2nd. See details on the flier, and in the link below for enrolment:

To your success…

Innocent Iorlumun USAR
Founder and Lead Trainer,

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