One day a few year ago, I asked my wife Talatu Inusa Usar why she married me.

I asked more out of curiosity than anything else. I have never forgotten her response since that encounter. Her response was epic and I will tell you exactly what she said in a jiffy.

Everything that existed or that is currently in existence was once nothing but a tiny spark of an idea in somebody’s mind. Ideas have shaped the outer reality into a perfect model of themselves in your imagination.

An idea is a mental seed that germinates then blooms in the mind, extending its branches to the outer physical world. These ideas are planted consciously or especially unconsciously through internal repetition/everyday interactions, memories and experiences.

Ideas are not necessarily products of sheer intelligence; they are birthed out of keen understanding. Ideas are free energy capsules floating through the universe, waiting to be made manifest.

The manifestation of an idea in reality is made possible through its collaboration with the human mind. Once an idea is held in the mind and made a centre of focus, it would begin to feed on impulsive energy until it transcends into reality. Andrew Carnegie simply put it this way, ‘’any idea that’s held in the mind, that’s emphasized, that’s feared or received will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.”

The above quote validates the law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy which makes us understand that energy moves from one form to another, without being created or destroyed. Everything in the universe is composed of matter, a bundle of untapped potentiality subject to change. Matter receives form and becomes a substance when it comes in contact with an intangible, modifiable force which is ever present in the mind.

As humans, we are not only creators of our reality, we also possess the creative essence to design our destiny (future) through our ability to think and decide.

A collection of thoughts morph into an idea, which when impressed on the unconscious mind a whole new entity is birthed. The habitual frequency we operate at is determined by the quality of metaprogram we have already installed in our minds. We can choose to switch the mental programs of our thought process or the images of our mind, therefore altering the vibration of our reality. And you have to actually harmonize your thoughts with the idea you choose to build on.

You can only attract to yourself the ideas whose vibrations manifest with your reality. When your ideas coincide with your state of vibration, you fuse and activate these ideas therefore projecting it into your reality. It is our conception of ourselves that will determine what we experience and our future.

Clothe each central idea in your mind with what you desire, visualize the possibility of that idea and focus your attention solely on the idea.

Feel it’s reality and constantly strife to harmonize yourself with the frequency of it’s vibration. Do not let the outside world corrupt your genius seed of ideas; never allow your experiences or circumstances to control your thinking.

Refuse to let anyone step on your ideas on the basis of impossibility. The moment you allow your reality affect the potential of your idea, you lose your creative power – the formless power to birth and transfer energy to whatever ball of nothingness you wish to realize.

Read and study what you have just read more than once and watch your life and outcomes multiply in quantum/epic proportions.

What did my wife say to me that day that shocked me?

She said she had never met any male friend who had nothing but a 10 year clearly written and articulated plan of the future.

I could not afford a lot back then bit I had been coached and taught at least to do this.

I had a 10 year plan. It met the Strategic Visioning criteria of being Concise (C), Realistic (R), Ecological (E), As If Now (A), Time Bound (T) and and End Step). At that time I didn’t even know about the CREATE outcomes criteria which we currently use at our training and coaching interventions. I didn’t know how to plant goals on a future date and and what specifics to follow afterwards. Talatu and I had this conversation just about 7 years or so after I remembered having written this plan but I had achieved and surpassed every single item on the plan using nothing but the content you just read in this article.

Today, Talatu and I have far surpassed what we would have thought we would not create in 30 years in just under 15 years.

We have been so fortunate. God has been faithful. We are BLESSED!

What is your utmost heart’s desire? How far out there do you want to reach? Who do you want to become? What exactly do you want to possess? Who do you want to help? What do you desire to create?


SEE it now!

HEAR it now!!

FEEL it right here and now!!!

Go ahead and begin your journey today and help others too that you would meet on the way up.

You can be, do, have and create anything you want in your life, business, career, finances and relationships

The writer, Innocent USAR is a teacher, master practitioner and trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a set of tool kits he uses in training, coaching, therapy and consulting along with other tools of Neurological Repatterning and Epic Outcomes Matrics (EOM). He travels around Africa with his team at InnocentMINDS Training and Consulting, helping individuals, groups and organisations creative epic outcomes and have easy access to the strategies that gives people and organisations incredible success, fulfilment and happiness.

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